Wild Life Trader (Underground Mafia) Turns into an Animal Rescuer: Firoz Sama

The story I am about to share is quite fascinating, It seems as if it is copied straight from a novel or a movie. It’s a complex journey of a man from Mumbai to Thailand, Dubai, Africa and Russia. The story is of man with complex layering and textures,

It is about Firoz Sama.

Firoz Sama  born and brought up in Mumbai Suburb  Bandra. He is well educated, and like all he started looking for options to make a career and money, Mumbai is a city where you intent and it start manifesting. While looking for options he came about few people who were looking to buy pets for themselves.  Firoz Sama could get them few pets and in the bargain he made decent money. Firoz Sama was an ardent traveller and was well connected, he felt if he could buy the pets from Thailand he would make decent income, hence he shifted to Thailand. There he met all kind of dealers and traders and while in his stay he felt there is a bigger market for Wildlife trade. He met lot of dealers who wanted wild animals. So he started his travel to find better deals and wild animals, He Shifted his base to Dubai as there was a  maximum demand for  wild life. Entire Gulf the Shaikhs keep wild animals as the pets and would give any amount to get one rare species. Firoz Sama travelled to Russia, Thailand and Africa. Where he met the world most dangerous mafia of wild life trade. He started dealing with them hence he became the most dreaded  mafia of wild life trade. His Clientele varied from big shaikhs to Hollywood actors and International Fashion Brands.

While doing the trade he has to keep the animal with him, sometimes even for months hence he got  a sense of attachment with them and started adoring them. He would ensure the owner keeps those animal well and would never deal with anyone who were cruel to animals.

Firoz Sama came back to india in search of better deals, for which he travelled across the country to different states. While he continued the trade from india. During his stay in India he realize that India had lot of wild life but it has slowly become extinct. He has smuggled a lot of animal to various country. He had a Self-realisation a kind of insight, he felt if he would continue this trade all the animals would be extinct.

The reversal journey began he stopped the trade started helping the International wild life federation to save animals. Now he uses his resources to rescue animals and help the federation into creating a better Wild Life Natural Resources. Now he travels for educating the people about animal reserves.

Suhail Baghdadi