Why Study MBBS in Abroad

  1. Students Encounter Difficulties in Setting

Every year, Indian students encounter difficulties in setting MBBS targets abroad.

  1. MBBS Admission in Abroad

Obtaining MBBS admission in abroad is not an easy task.

  1. Students Compete with Medical Seats

Getting MBBS admission in abroad is becoming more and more difficult as a large number of students compete with each other for medical seats.

  1. Pay the High Donation Fees Required

Because most students are suffering from the financial crisis, therefore, students cannot pay the high donation fees required by private medical schools.

  1. Aspiring will Study MBBS in Abroad

Approximately 10,000 medically aspiring people will study MBBS in abroad.

  1. Budget Friendly University Approved by MCI

Study MBBS in Kazakhstan is considered the right choice because it has a budget-friendly university approved by MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. MBBS Education Is Quite Expensive

As we all know, MBBS education is quite expensive in India or abroad.

  1. Invest Wisely and Choose the Best

Therefore, students must invest wisely and choose the best medical schools abroad.

  1. Duration of MBBS is 5 Years

The duration of MBBS is 5 years of theoretical knowledge and 1 year of internship.

  1. Hope to Seek High Quality Education

The period is a bit long, so candidates hope to seek high-quality education at an affordable cost.

  1. India Vs. Abroad

MBBS in India is much more expensive than MBBS in abroad because government medical schools have fewer seats.

  1. Higher Budget of Medical Schools

Private medical schools have a much higher budget than government medical schools. Did you know that India has 70978 MBBS seats?

  1. Government Seats Vs Private Seats

There are 529 colleges in India, among these 269 colleges with 35,688 government seats and 260 colleges with 35,290 private seats.

  1. Student Cannot Get a Medical Seat

Therefore, every student cannot get a medical seat in India.

  1. Foreign Universities or Colleges

That is the reason why students are more interested in foreign universities or colleges.

  1. Want to MBBS in Abroad

Nowadays, for students who want to study MBBS abroad.

  1. Provide High Quality Education

The ideal countries are those that provide high-quality education at the lowest cost.

  1. Main Countries of MBBS in Abroad

The main countries are Russia, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Philippines, Georgia, Armenia, United States, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and many other countries.

  1. World Wide Acceptance

Students studying MBBS from foreign universities or colleges have received worldwide degree recognition.

  1. English as the Language of Instruction

All top medical schools use English as the language of instruction, and it is once again accepted worldwide.

  1. Provide English and Local Languages

Generally, all top universities provide English and local languages as the language of instruction.

  1. Plenty of Indian Students

Students all over the world are starting to study abroad.

  1. Students Studying in Abroad

You will find many Indian students studying MBBS in abroad.

  1. Study in Abroad to Mix with Other Students

Therefore, it is difficult for Indian students to study in abroad to mix with other students.

  1. Bring Spiritual Peace

But this is not because every time we find people around our country, it will bring us spiritual peace.

  1. Approved and Recognized by the MCI and the WHO

Almost all universities or colleges are MCI (Medical Council of India), the Medical Council of India (MCI) approved and recognized by the WHO (i.e. World Health Organization).

  1. Need to Get a Practicing License

After obtaining an MBBS degree from abroad, graduates need to get a practicing license to engage in this profession.

  1. Provides Doctors with a License

Therefore, an MCI (Medical Council of India) accredited university or college is necessary because it provides doctors with a license after the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test.

  1. Finest Universities of Kazakhstan

The Al Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the finest universities in Kazakhstan to study MBBS.

  1. High Quality Education at an Effective Low Cost Fee

MBBS universities or colleges approved and recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) provide high-quality education at an effective low-cost fee.

  1. Admitted to a Government College

In India, every student will not be admitted to a government college.

  1. Private Medical Schools are Relatively Higher

The tuition fees of private medical schools are relatively higher than those of foreign universities.

  1. Tuition Fees of Private Medical Schools in India

When you compare the tuition fees of private medical schools in India with international universities.

  1. International Universities are Ultimately More Worthwhile

You will find that international universities are ultimately more worthwhile than private medical schools in India.

  1. Low Cost of Living Standards

The standard of living is like you stay at home.

  1. Accommodation and Food Expenses are Low

Accommodation and food will keep your expenses as low as your residence.

  1. Dormitory and a Mess

The university or college has its dormitory and a mess. They will not charge you too much.

  1. Rent Individual Apartments are Cost Effective

In addition to hotels, there is another option for one or more friends to rent individual apartments, which is also very cost-effective.

Kumari Sujata