Why Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments Have Become Popular Among Women

What are the non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

The non-surgical procedure is a non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon makes a minimal incision or no incision to rectify damages. In this procedure, the downtime is significantly less with a speedy recovery. Patients feel less pain and get back to their normal life easily.

Now surgical cosmetic procedure has become primitive. With the growth of medical science, the scientist has discovered advanced techniques to perform surgery with a very small incision level. These kinds of surgery successfully bring out the best version of you with minor bleeding, cuts, and stitch.

Board-certified and experienced practitioners always perform Non-surgical cosmetic procedures because the procedures require an exceptional level of precision. Therefore, any kind of mistake makes severe defects that are not desirable.

Thus, to alleviate the Risk, we would suggest all patients take advice from the best plastic surgeon before choosing any procedure, educate themselves about the pros and cons of the treatment, and then go under the knife.

Difference between surgical and Non-surgical procedures?

I a surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon makes a decent incision in order to continue the next steps of the procedure. All kinds of surgical procedures are performed under general or local anesthesia.

Some of the surgical cosmetic procedures include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, body contouring by liposuction. All the surgical cosmetic procedures performed in Dubai are registered by the General Medical Council (GMC), British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeons (BAPRAS).

On the other hand, In a non-surgical cosmetic procedure doctor make a tiny incision or no incision to perform the whole procedure. That’s why t considered a minimally invasive treatment.

The List of Non-surgical treatment

  • Chemical peel
  • Dermabrasion
  • Derma Fillers
  • Injectable Fillers
  • Skin rejuvenation & resurfacing treatment
  • Sclerotherapy

Why do women prefer non-surgical cosmetic procedures over surgical cosmetic procedures?

It is a Quick, Non-invasive procedure.

Everyone wants to look good. When you look good, you feel good. But when a flaw interrupts your beauty, you may feel upset. Even some kinds of flaws lead to reduce self-confidence. With the blessing of medical science, the maximum flaws of our bodies can be recovered through cosmetic surgery.

Now the thing is that modern cosmetic treatment brings the advanced medical non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is less painful with quick recovery and capable of bringing out the desirable appearance.

The non-invasive treatment is cheaper than surgical treatment. Botox is a highly acceptable non-surgical treatment to cure dynamic signs of aging. It costs per unit. Most cosmetic surgeons advise 10-20 units of Botox A to rectify each area of the face.

The second one is derma fillers, which can treat the static signs, including saggy cheeks, wrinkle around the chin and mouth.

Both of these procedures are quick but effective procedures.

Reduced Risk, mild pain, low downtime

A conventional invasive surgery means a lot of financial investment and emotional investment. Because the downtime of the invasive treatment is more extended, as well as the treatment is painful. There will be a greater chance of complication with invasive treatment when your surgeon makes a larger incision through a knife. You need to take off from your work for at least one month for complete recovery.

The common downside of surgical plastic surgery has permanent scarring, internal nerve and tissue damaged, infection, hematoma, and much more. Here you can expect prolonged recovery time with intensive care.

Therefore, most women prefer non-invasive surgery to avoid such kind of risk factors. They feel non-surgical procedures are way more convenient for them.

For example, the Risk and downtime of Botox anti-aging treatment are lesser compared to facial surgery. In Botox, you only experience a few injections on the targeted area of your face. The common side effects you may expect are swelling, bruising, and redness. If the treatment is performed by an experienced hand, you can expect no other severe complication for the high doses of Botulinum toxin. Because an experienced doctor knows how many units of Botox require to treat your target area.

Non-surgical treatment does not offer a permanent result as the surgical procedure. Therefore you can expect no permanent side effects; the redness, swelling will disappear within a week.

A non-invasive surgery offers results within72 hours. You don’t need to stay at the doctor’s office. Most of the procedures are outpatient procedures. Thus the patient can return home on the same day or the following day morning.

Get aesthetic outcomes with non-invasive treatment.

Why do women prefer non-surgical treatment over surgical?

It is because non-surgical services UAE, including derma fillers, Botox, Dermabrasion, and chemical peeling, offer dramatic results as the surgical procedure. These treatments have a high-performance capacity with a fantastic result. Patients feel more confident after this kind of treatment because they correct their flaws without leaving noticeable scars. Bring the younger-looking skin eliminating the signs of aging.

Akshay Sharma