Why choose rigid boxes from Boxpert?

If your brand high-quality, luxury items then you have to choose a RIGID BOXES packaging printing option that reflects the product’s integrity. There are a number of retail boxes to choose from, but when your products are of a certain caliber in class, nothing reflects them like custom rigid boxes from a packaging printing company capable of helping your organization increase sales. This article will help brand managers and creative teams understand why rigid boxes are the ideal retail packaging solutions for companies that sell high-end items.

4 Reasons why choose rigid Boxes






Shoppers Interact More with Products Packaged in Rigid Boxes

Brand managers are well aware that the luxury retail marketplace thrives on creating an emotional journey for its customers. From the point of discovering the product on the shelf, to holding it in their hands, and to the unboxing experience, customers look for a feeling of exclusivity when purchasing luxury products, and rigid boxes help facilitate that experience.

Keep in mind that beautiful, well-made rigid boxes draw customers in the moment they see the product. Shoppers want to touch it and pick it up for further inspection. If the box delivers that powerful emotional connection, a purchase will follow suit. When brands work with their packaging printing company to customize a rigid box that best reflects their retail product while highlighting its special features, added value is enhanced this enhancing the customer’s journey in engaging with the product.

2. Rigid Boxes Protect Retail Products

Not only do rigid boxes help enhance the customer’s experience with a product, it also protects the retail merchandise from damage. Rigid boxes are extremely well made and can be designed with custom inserts to further protect products padded in a snug fit enclosure.


The rigid box walls are constructed using strong, high-quality materials, with a secure-fitting lid that comes in a number of functional options.

3. Rigid Boxes Serve as a Presentation and Display Piece
Luxury brands prefer rigid boxes because they function as display pieces. Often, a brand will display their jewelry, electronic device or other items in opened rigid boxes with the lid next to the item face-down, displaying the box design and branded logo. Many rigid boxes can have various textured inserts that include cushioned, or even use a material to reflect the item such as glass, leather or wood. The presentation factor helps create an emotional bond between buyers and the products this making the presentation aspect of retail packaging a major focus for luxury brands working with retail packaging companies.

4. Rigid Boxes Offer Endless Exterior Design Opportunities
We already talked about how the interior design of a rigid box helps enhance the presentation factor, and so too does the exterior surface of rigid boxes. Due to their high-quality construction, rigid boxes can withstand a wide variety of surface materials and multiple textures without collapsing or impacting the structural integrity. Luxury brands have customization options that include pleather, fine linens, embossed plastics, silk, wood paneling, stone sheets, leather, velvet, and even a mix of textures with a variety of coating options.

Contact a retail packaging company today specializing in custom rigid boxes, and learn how the product packaging option can help increase sales and keep your brand competitive.

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