Which cultures are least tolerant of interracial marriage?

If we talk about cultures of the world with reference to interracial marriage then all the cultures are closed and do not prefer marrying outside their race. Though with the help of globalization the trends are changing. Many blacks are getting wed with the whites. Anglo Saxon with the Germans and Arab Muslims with Mexicans. American culture is least tolerant towards interracial marriage in comparison to blacks. Muslims are on the second number in marrying other races. It is because they face a hindrance of religion.Ā  Hindus on the other hand are also least tolerant towards other races when it comes to marrying. In historical perspective Germans have been very conscious about their race. It is written in the history books that Adolf Hitler had established a breeding center where he used to wed German women with German in order to have pure race. That tradition is still intact in eastern parts of Germany, they are very much conscious about weddings in cross culture.

If we look toward the other side of the picture and for some time assure what if interracial marriages or rishtay become so common worldwide what disadvantages or advantages will follow it?

There are wide chances that another mixed race is bred and the world sees a new blend of race. Presently, there are many examples to follow. One can observe that there are many children with the black skin and straight hair and many are there with white skin and curly hair.

If we measure the advantages of interracial marriages then it is clearly increase the chances of harmony. Prejudice, xenophobia, Islamophobia, ethnocentrisms and discrimination toward other cultures will be decreased to maximum level.

The open societies and open cultures believe that interracial marriage has nothing to do with changing the gene of race or the make of the original culture. They think that love has no caste, no race, no color and no ethnicity. On biological point of view, interracial, marriages reduce the risk of infectious diseases to attack on off springs.

Culture exposure is an additional benefit. It is a fact that intercultural marriages are still in the minority.

Now the world is accepting intermarriages and the old generation like our parents are also accepting it. A new PEW research found in a survey that people have been found liking intermarriages and they think that it is good for society men are more likely to say that intermarriages are necessary for our society in the time of intolerance. It will help in building global peace.

We should promotes interracial marriages. Online marriage portals are helping in introducing the people from beyond boundaries. Shaadee.pk also has hundreds of such profiles that are Muslims but belong from another race, culture, ethnicity and country. People often demand rishta from other races as if it has become a fashion. In Pakistan such a trend has been found lately. A young Canadian women came to marry a muslim guy in Pakistan through an online rishta platform.Ā