Where to find copyright-free music for videos on Facebook

Thanks to Unica you have all the tools to grow your Facebook page , but the editorial strategy to entertain and engage fans is in your hands; and today if you don’t publish videos you miss a good opportunity. This is why uploading videos to Facebook is also essential, but to do so you have to get around a problem that beginners will no doubt encounter: where can you find copyright-free music for videos on Facebook ?

Videos and music: a copyright problem

If you have decided to throw yourself into the world of video makers to give your page a good boost and are creating your first content, no doubt you will be faced with the problem of background music: you have just created a video with such care, beautiful and engaging , but Facebook doesn’t accept the upload due to copyright infringement of the background music. In fact, there are rather strict rules regarding copyright, that is the intellectual property of an artistic content such as music, which prevent you from inserting music pieces of which you do not own the rights in your contents to upload them on social channels. This means that however many times you try to upload it, your video will be blocked by Facebook filters and will not appear on your page as you would have liked.

But on the other hand, completely removing the music is not a good idea , because it would risk completely ruining the mood of the content, making it bare and incomplete.

Copyright free music solutions for social platforms

This just described is a very common problem that every video content creator for social media inevitably collides with sooner or later. Fortunately, where demand, there is supply: so slowly over time many different sites have been born that collect music tracks without copyright to be used safely for their videos on social networks. One of these, probably the most famous, is called Jamendo and its operation is very similar to sites that offer free stock images, which are also very useful for posting on social media.

But Facebook, which thinks of everything, has found a further solution for its users: to overcome the problem of videos with copyrighted music and therefore unpublishable on the platform, the blue giant has decided to create a special song library and make it available to users. You heard it right: there is a copyright-free music library to use for your Facebook videos. Let’s see how to do it!

Use Facebook’s copyright-free song library

Within its post creation tools, Facebook offers a truly well-stocked song library with over 1000 songs divided by genre and mood and over 1500 sound effects to freely add to your video content. How to use it? It’s very simple: just go to publishing tools on your page and look for the Sound Collection item to access the selection, or you can click on this link: Facebook Sound collection .

What do you find inside? Really a wide choice : the genres vary from Rock to electronic, from hip-hop to Japanese and Indian music, and can be sorted by genre but also by moods in order to easily choose the song that really suits our content. The sound effects also range a great deal: from the inevitable evil laugh to the wonderful and enchanting sound effects recorded in space by NASA.

Really nice collection of tools, making it easy and immediate to use copyright-free music for Facebook videos is simple and fun, Now all that remains is to see your content! Apart from this, if you have a Facebook page and you are not getting high rank or reasonable likes and shares on your page, the best way to make your mark on this stage is to buy instant Facebook page likes at affordable prices from one of the best sites across the online market, named Social captain.

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