Whatsapp Voice Messages Spy App Review

WhatsApp is one the most of popular social messaging apps these days. It empowers you to do plenty of communicational activities in terms of text, voice, and video and further enable you to share media. Therefore, over the years the instant messaging app has got immense fame among the general users. With 1.5 billion active users it is the most widely used social messaging app owned by the mighty Facebook.

You can easily install it on your cellphone device and make short and long voice calls and video calls. Over the last decade, people were trying their best to record social media app voice messages and voice calls, but they could not do that. However, the contemporary piece of technology has become capable of spying instant messaging app voice messages and calls.

How to spy on WhatsApp voice messages?

If you are looking forward to tracking instant messenger’s voice messages and voice calls, then you have to use the cellphone spying software. This is the only way possible for you to get your hands on the target cellphone device installed social messaging app. You can install it on your target cellphone device of your child, employees, and loved ones to record and listen to the voice messages.

Furthermore, you can use it to do surveillance on the target cellphone device to the fullest. It was created to set parental control on kids, to monitor employees, and to keep an eye on loved one’s cellphone and social media activities.

Users can use its features via online dashboards such as IM’s social media, IM’s voice call recording, screenshots, keystrokes logging, and many more. It is also packed with cellphone monitoring features such as call recording, internet history, and GPS tracker, read messages, contacts, and dozens of others.


The whatsapp voice messages spying app is compatible with all kinds of phones and tablet devices of android OS. It also works on the latest OS version 10 and above devices. You can use it secretly on the target devices to monitor WhatsApp’s voice messages.

How to get & Install WhatsApp voice messaging spy software?

If you want to get the logs of social messaging apps in terms of messaging, voice messages, voice calls, audio-video call logs, and shared multimedia then get your hands on the cellphone surveillance software.  Go to the official web page of TheOneSpy and get the subscription. You will get the credentials and get a password and ID via an email. Further, you just need to get physical access on the target device and start the process of installation. You have completed the installation process, and then you can activate the mobile phone spy software on the target device. Now you can use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal where you can get access to powerful features to monitor WhatsApp and cellphone activities to the fullest. Let’s discuss all the features that enable you to get the job done.

Use phone spying software to spy on WhatsApp voice messages

Live screen recorder

Users can use these particular tools to record the screen of the target device active with the instant messaging app. Users can record back to back short videos of the screen when the target person is doing voice messages, voice calls, and other activities on the social media app. It means you can get video proof that target device use is doing voice calls, voice messages, text messages, and media sharing. Users can watch recorded videos via an online web portal.

WhatsApp voice calls recording

Users can use IM’s VoIP call recording software that enables you to record one-sided voice calls on the target device without root and you can save the VoIP calls data on the web portal.

WhatsApp voice messages logs spy

Users can remotely get access to the target device installed on a social media app by using social media messenger monitoring software. It enables users to get the logs of instant messaging apps to voice messages logs, text messages logs, voice, and video calls logs, and many more.


TheOneSpy cellphone spy is the best tool that provides you features like WhatsApp voice messages spying software to get the job done.

Stella Logan