What you need to know about email issues in QuickBooks!

Dear users! in this blog,today we are going to discuss about an error which bugs the users of QuickBooks time to time. The error in question is email issues in QuickBooks. Here, in this article, we will concentrate more on what are the factors behind this error and what can we do to resolve the error.

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A note on Email issues in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is designed by Intuit to do multiple tasks like emailing within the software for cost reduce. Users can use this facility as Webmail in the software with the assistance of software like Microsoft Outlook. The email function important in QuickBooks as the app generates invoices, statements and forms which are meant to send over via emails only. The unwanted bug like email issues in QuickBooks are the subject matter of our discussion.

email not working in QuickBooks

If the user has problems regarding email feature is not working, then this is appearing as part ofemail issues in QuickBooks. As we may proceed with resolving, we need to point out the factors and they are:

  • Outlook installation s corrupted
  • QuickBooks installation is corrupted
  • Corrupted MAPI32.dll file
  • Due to improper email setting
  • An administrator QuickBooks running
  • The email preferences are set incorrectly
  • The domain admin has been blocked 

Unable to send email invoice QuickBooks desktop

when QuickBooks operator needs to send invoices, an error pops as unable to send email invoice QuickBooks desktop. Now it is necessary, this Webmail function remain intact. As explained above, QuickBooks uses Webmail in tie up with Outlook. They stem for reasons like incorrect email settings, firewall restrictions etc. You can visit here Unable To Send Email From QuickBooks.

email not working in QuickBooks desktop

If email issues in QuickBooks occurring, you might face email not working in QuickBooks desktop. The factors have been explainedabove, we have explored a few the solutions. They are enlisted here:

  • Ensure that email preference is set properly in internet explorer
  • Repair and test MAPI32.dll file
  • Reinstall QuickBooks with Clean Install Tool to suspend email issues
  • Repair outlook
  • Verifying QuickBooks’ compatibility with Outlook version
  • Update Outlook to the latest release

fix email issues in QuickBooks desktop

Before you encounter and try to solve theemail issues in QuickBooks, we are ought to focus on the symptoms too, some are mentioned here:

  • QuickBooks won’t start
  • The system will shut down on its own
  • The screen will freeze
  • QuickBooks will stop responding to inputs

email password not working in QuickBooks

The error of email password not working in QuickBooks is a common error when email issues in QuickBooks takes place. If it is recurring, then you can check the email settings for your email service-providing apps. Navigate the app preferences. Some unwanted agent is prohibiting the connection to Gmail account.

  • Follow the instructed steps to Enable access for less secure apps.
  • The following step is to Set access preferences for specific apps like QuickBooks.
  • Also, you need to go back in-to QuickBooks and email a Test transaction.

yahoo email not working in QuickBooks

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo email not working in QuickBooks is another case. Yahoo uses two-step verification process. They are as given:

  • Navigate to the Yahoo account security page.
  • Now, turn on the two-step verification and permit the apps that use less secure sign in features.

Finally, return to QuickBooks and email yourself a test transaction.

what is email id in QuickBooks

As a business accounting software QuickBooks, along with its multiple functions it has email facility built in it. Usually, QuickBooks uses Microsoft Outlook as an auxiliary app.Although, users need to use QuickBooks’ webmail facility to work on email.

QuickBooks delivery issue

When email issues in QuickBooks take serious turn, delivery issue emerges. Users are advised to reset the settings, and update the mailing software and finally update QuickBooks.

email settings in QuickBooks

If you want to check email settings in QuickBooks, do the following:

  • Head to QuickBooks Edit menu and select Preferences.
  • Select Send Forms.
  • Select Web Mail and Add.
  • Fill out the Add Email Info and select OK.
  • Select OK to save your changes.

QuickBooks unable to send email due to network connection failure

The above error arises out of email issues in QuickBooks,some specific reasons are mentioned:

  • Email server configurations are incorrect
  • If more than one Windows that are running QuickBooks then you encounter this error
  • Internet connection is slow
  • Internet Explorer settings are not done correctly

Use secure webmail to reduce the above error.

Here’s the full plan:

  • From the QuickBooks Edit menu, select Preferences and click Send Forms.
  • Select Web Mail and click Add.
  • Select your provider from the drop-down and enter your email address.
  • Ensure that the Use Enhanced Security checkbox is checked.
  • Click OK.
  • When prompted, sign in to your Intuit account.
  • Your webmail provider’s login page will display. Sign in and choose to grant Intuit access.

firewall blocking QuickBooks email

Initial step is to check if firewall is blocking QuickBooks email or not. Firewall may not be the only factor for email issues in QuickBooks.  To implement this, follow the scheme below:

  • Click Windows + R to launch Run
  • To open control panel, enter management and press OK
  • Press system & security
  • Press Windows Defender Firewall
  • Enable an application via the Windows Defender Firewall

QuickBooks online email not working

Email issues in QuickBooks will generate problems like email not working etc. if you want to expel these problems, you can try the solutions below:

Solution 1: Reset your email address

Solution 2: Clear and re-enter your email address

Solution 3: Configure server to accept QuickBooks Online mail server host names and IP addresses

invoices not sending in QuickBooks online

When email issues in QuickBooksexpands it will propel issues like ‘unable to send invoices’. The users need to ensure that their email settings are accurately set. Here’s the method to check:

  • Click the Gear icon on the top menu
  • Under Your Company, select Account and Settings
  • In the Contact info section, tap Email.
  • Clear the Company email field and enter the desired address, even if it appears correct as is (Do not to use any extra characters or spaces before, within, or after the address you enter).
  • Press Save and then Done.

send email from QuickBooks through Gmail

If you want to send email from QuickBooks through Gmail, then you need to set the system accordingly. To execute that, you can read underneath:

  • Turn on 2-step verification for your Google account.
  • In QuickBooks, select Edit and then select Preferences.
  • Select Send Forms.
  • Select Web Mail and Add.
  • Select the email provider as Gmail from the drop-down menu and enter your email address from step 1.
  • Continue with Use enhanced security selected and select OK.
  • Your Gmail sign-in page will appear. Sign in and allow Intuit to have access.

QuickBooks email not working with outlook

Occasionally, QuickBooks will broadcast an error message that readsQuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook which causes out of internal email issues in QuickBooks. If the situation turns out to be like this, then users can adopt the steps below:

Step 1: Edit your admin privileges

Step 2: Edit your email preferences in QuickBooks

Step 3: Check your Internet Explorer email preferences

Step 4: Repair your MAPI32.dll

Step 5: Install QuickBooks again


In this segment, we can finalize that the email issues in QuickBooks are not hard to resolve. What it takes have been showed in the error subjects of the article. QuickBooks lets users to use various email platforms like Google, Yahoo!, AOL etc. via Webmail service built in the application software. There are several parties associated with the facility for which syncing is important to reduce errors. It is necessary to arrange settings properly for say apps like Microsoft Outlook also if it is connected to QuickBooks.

Summary: the author in this article lets us to know about the various aspects of email issues in QuickBooks. There are some resolving methods put forth as well to directly seek help.

Author: Henry James, he’s a business specialist and a tech enthusiast. He writes in journals.

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