What is Instagram Creator Studio?

What is Instagram Creator Studio (Content Studio) , its subject has become one of the issues that users who use their account professionally wonder. Instagram Creator Studio is a suite of tools that help users aiming to produce content in digital marketing and derivative areas. Since third-party software is in a suspicious situation in many criteria such as security, usage and performance, the whole of the tools developed by Instagram itself will leave no doubt in the minds of users.

The construction phase was completed in late 2017, and the news of this was announced on Facebook. In this way, Facebook offered the advantages and usage possibilities of Creator Studio to its users. The tool package, which was later developed on Instagram, stopped its application on Facebook. It was made suitable for desktop use only.

What Does Instagram Creator Studio Do?

What you can do with Instagram Creator Studio is a lot and you can get good results with effective use. With its opening for use, it has started to provide many benefits for content producers. These;

It has enabled those who do not earn advertising revenue through Instagram to compete with platforms such as YouTube.

Analysis and reporting can be done easily on a single panel.

You can use it to schedule IGTV videos. In fact, it is a fact that the timing setting is better compared to YouTube.

You can watch, analyze and manage the published content from other pages.

It has many features developed for the arrangement and design of the content.

You can manage all accounts more easily through a single channel. It has an uncomplicated structure.

How to Use Instagram Creator Studio?

If you want to start using the Instagram Creator Studio metric, here’s what you need to do in order;

Link your Instagram account with your Facebook account to integrate it into Creator Studio.

You must have turned your Instagram account into your business profile.

Open Creator Studio on the desktop and click the Instagram icon.

The next steps depend on the link between your accounts.

Option 1: If you are currently managing a Facebook page, with the Instagram account that you will use Creator Studio connected to, click here to connect to this page.

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Option 2: If you are not managing a Facebook page that is not linked to an Instagram account, select “Connect to Instagram” then enter the information of the Instagram account you will use.

Option 3: If you manage a Facebook page linked to an Instagram account but want to access it via a different account, select “Link another Instagram account”.

Option 4: If you manage Facebook page that is linked to more than one Instagram account, select “Continue to linked accounts”.

Manage Your Content with the Instagram Content Library

You can easily review all your content on Instagram thanks to filters. You can get a wide range of information about how many people the post was seen, where the post was seen, and other interactions. You can quickly find the post you want from the search engine and filters.

Stream Your Instagram and IGTV Content Easily

You can easily publish your Instagram and Facebook content with the possibilities offered by Instagram Creator Studio. With a single channel you will use, you can get what you want as a result of a few uncomplicated operations.

Select “Create” at the top left of the page to get started. Then select “Instagram feed” and a window will open on the right side of the screen where you can upload images, create captions and add locations. You can get the dimensions you want by applying clipping operations to the images here. After completing these processes, enter the information of the post and click the arrow icon next to the “Publish” option and select “Plan”. With Schedule, you can determine when and at what time your post will publish. As a result of these, by selecting “Program”, you can broadcast the content you have created at the time you specify.

Check Out Instagram Trends

In addition to content management and programming, Instagram Creator Studio aims to explain the interaction of content with the audience to digital marketers. The “Insights” tab does exactly that. With “Trends”, you can examine the interactions of viewers on your account, and you can analyze this with “Activity trends”.

What are the features of Instagram Creator Studio?

With Instagram Creator Studio, your content will be more remarkable than ever before, so you can make great gains in marketing.

With the content library, you can provide an overview of the post you want.

With the inbox, the messages and comments of all the pages you manage are collected in one place.

Loyalty view and display times, etc. you can analyze interactions.

With the sound collection, you can store the sound effects and music you will use in your video content.

With filters, you can easily access the post you want according to the post type (video, photo or link).

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