What are some of the tools that a plumber uses? Get to know before you hire a plumber

There are multiple occasions when you might require to hire a plumber for major domestic or commercial works. Along with license and experience, a plumber should also have the required set of tools and instruments to do the work faster and in a proper manner. The right tools allow a plumber to examine the condition of your kitchen or bathroom and then the issues can be managed accordingly. In fact, there are some tools that even you can use for the DIY methods. Here is a list of tools that a plumber uses: you can go through the list once and when you hire a plumber you can have a basic idea of the tools they use.


  • There are different categories of tools like the holding tools, cutting and fitting tools, and the pipe bending and other tools for different other plumbing works. The holding tools include bench vice and pipe vice. Among the fitting tools, there are wrenches, water-pump pliers, and spanners. Among the cutting tools, a plumber uses hacksaws and pipe cutters.
  • There is a wide range of other major and minor plumbing tools that need to be mentioned in this respect. Trowel, files, pliers, spanners, drill machines, drill bits, shovels, mortar pan, screwdrivers, and water level tubes.
  • The right fixing tools make plumbing easier and also give your home a decent look. The holding tools are used for holding and the cutting tools are mainly used for cutting small pipes, channels, etc. A bench vice, for instance, is used for filing, chipping, sawing, tapping, and threading activities.
  • Wrenches form an integral part of the plumbing tools that a plumber uses. There are adjustable and non-adjustable wrenches that are available in the market. The plumber uses the adjustable wrench to loosen or to tighten any nut or bolt, valves, cocks, geysers, pumps, etc.
  • You can also check out if a plumber uses the right types of spanners for all types of household and commercial plumbing works. The spanners are used for loosening and tightening bolts and nuts. They are available in different sizes. The ring spanners are good to hold, and they do not slip, fall and damage the hand in any way. Besides, there are also open-ended spanners that can be used with force to screw and unscrew nuts and bolts of various sizes.
  • It is easy and advantageous to work with combination spanners to make the plumbing work easier. The bi-hexagonal ring spanners are also used to hold the nuts and bolts.


Hacksaws, pipe cutters, and pipe bending tools: How and where the plumber uses these

The plumber also uses hacksaws, pipe cutters, and pipe bending tools that make plumbing easier; eventually, the cleaning and maintenance of the pipelines become smooth. The pipe cutters are used to cut rubber or metallic pipes at the plumbing site. The hacksaws are used to cut the bolts, nuts, and heads when they are jammed. The right quality handle, frame, and blade make the hacksaws run faster and the plumber can finish his essential work within a short time. Apart from these, there are also the pipe-bending tools that a plumber uses. They have different angles, and the pipe can be bent accordingly. Also, there are threading dies and pipe bending machines that are used to make the entire plumbing process smooth.

You can now hire plumbers and get the best available services to keep your home front or commercial place clean. The number of tools and instruments that they use enables them to complete the work faster. Moreover, they also use safety gear and masks while they carry on with the process, in order to avoid any accident. Therefore, get the best plumber for your requirements keeping all the above-mentioned aspects in mind.

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