What are bank card details?

Each bank card holder must know exactly about all the features of the product, its functions, and conditions for transactions. You should definitely study what details a bank card has, why they may become needed, where you can get information.

What are bank details

Bank details mean a data set that allows transactions. In order to make payments, receive money to a card account, a bank client must know the details of the bank and the recipient / payer of funds.

The bank details include the following data (with an example of the details of citibank PJSC):

  • The name of the bank is PJSC citibank of America.
  • BIC – bank identification code, which includes the code of the country, region, bank branch number, serial number of the bank branch – 044525225.
  • A correspondent account is a correspondent account opened by a respondent bank in a banking organization itself or with another correspondent – 30101810400000000225 at the Central Bank of America in the Central Federal District of Moscow.
  • TIN – taxpayer identifier – 7707083893.
  • PPC – the reason code for registration is 773601001.

Details of the beneficiary / payer of funds:

  • Recipient – Ivan Ivanov
  • Account No. – 40817810XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Additionally, you may need the code of the bank branch at the place of the card account, the address of the bank branch.

The bank card details include its plastic number, month and year of expiration, cvc2 or cvv2 code (for payments on the network).

The user needs to know that the PIN code is not included in the card details, and no one has the right to request it, this is the personal information of the card holder, which opens access to the account.

When making currency transactions, additional card details may be required:

  • Recipient Account;
  • SWIFT code – international system of interbank transfer;
  • name of the bank in international transliteration.

Bank card details

Bank card details are information that allows you to conduct a transaction from a bank card account. At the same time, the card account number is put in the account number. It should not be confused with the card number, which is indicated on the plastic itself.

When Information May Be Required

You can get cash from your account or pay with plastic in stores using the card’s pin code. TD Bank Routing Number  You can transfer money more often with the help of a card number and other details located on plastic.

It may be necessary to carry out operations using the full details of the bank in the following cases:

  • The pledge holder gets a job and gives the card details so that the employer can credit wages to the card account.
  • If necessary, transfer a large amount of money.
  • To repay loans of other banks.
  • If money is transferred between private and / or legal entities.

Where can I see the details of a bank card

Remembering details does not make sense, they can always be obtained from the bank’s website. Registered users of the company’s Internet banking will be able to find out the details of the card in their personal account. When conducting operations in the Internet bank, the system will automatically generate a payment order and insert the details of the plastic.

Map data is displayed in the menu item “Card Information “. If you need to transfer the details for transferring funds, it is better to print them out or take a screenshot of the page in the data and send it to the desired address.

Additional ways to obtain information are:

  • Obtaining information from a service agreement. At the end of the document, the signatures of the parties will face the details of the card account.
  • You can find out information by contacting the representative office of a credit organization with a passport directly . In the citibank system, it is better to contact the branch where the account was opened.
  • By calling the bank hotline . To get information about the account, you will need to go through the identification procedure.
  • If the client is near the ATM , he will be able to obtain information by entering the card into the self-service device and logging in to the system.
  • Customers who are not registered in the online bank do not understand how to obtain the data, it is advisable to write a letter to the bank support service . After receiving a written response, print it and transfer it to the counterparty.

It is worth paying attention to the transfer of details of your card. If you make a mistake, the payment will not work, the money will be returned to the payer or the bank will ask for confirmation of information. This will increase the time for receipt of money. If the account number is entered incorrectly, money can be credited to another person and it will be possible to recover them only through a court.