Westlake Tyres-Technology behind leading budget tyre brand

Technology predominantly occupied our daily lives. Cars are especially designed with novel and better technologies. Westlake tyres are such type of technology-oriented tyres available with advanced technology. This technological aspect made Westlake tyres as one of the most favourite tyres in the minivan and car sectors.

Westlake Tyres is a budget tyre brand made by the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., which is considered to be the tenth biggest tyre manufacturer on the planet. Westlake Tyres doesn’t rival premium, progressively noticeable brands or as vehicle unique hardware tyres. It centres around delivering the best quality financial plan situated answers for the ordinary, on a penny-squeezing driver searching for down to earth regular driving tyres. Models incorporate tyres for minivans, utes, SUVs etc.

When you consider Westlake tyre construction, it is designed to provide greater durability, longer mileage, less fuel consumption and it adds greater value to fleets in Europe. As there are huge demands in the transport industry, Westlake is interested to show its constant innovation in tyre technology. It is quite necessary and supports the fleets that are looking for a valuable tyre and money-saving.

How is Westlake tyre constructed?

  • Westlake tyre’s Tread components are based on the specific needs of the tyre. Westlake tyre possesses various strategies to reduce treadwear of the tyre, increase traction, fuel efficiency, chipping & scaling and wear resistance.
  • Undertread units in the Westlake tyre produce less heat so that tread separation is completely prevented.
  • Inner liner in the tyre maintains the air pressure of every tyre in your car and avoids tyre damage. This specially designed inner liner ensures a longer casing life for your tyre.
  • Rim Cushion greatly resists the heat which is brought by the heavy load or through rim transmission to augment the life of the tyre.
  • The Casing and Belts used in the Westlake tyres promote the strength of steel cords and these are extremely adhesive.
  • Over two different compounds used in Bead Filler of the tyre. They help in stiffening the bead to respond to steering and controlling the flexibility of other tyre parts.
  • Sidewall compounds are specially made in the Westlake tyres which are high flexibility, greater resistance to fatigue and weather cracking with extended durability
  • Presence of a Belt Edge Cushion supports to improve the durability of the structure, and thereby increase the life of the tyre

The Tyre size guide is important to choose your best fit tyre. If you do not know how to find it, better approach a professional.

Westlake tyre’s performance is enhanced by various factors as follows:

Inflation pressure

Based on the speed, load and maximum performance, the vehicle’s tyres must be inflated. This is advised for safety measures. Tyre pressure should be checked frequently by using a calibrated pressure gauge. Strict checks are recommended to the low-profile tyres because they have less viewable sidewall deflection. Westlake offers inflation pressure stickers with various values for certain applications to support customers in maintaining proper tyre pressures.

Regrooving and Retreading

To obtain better retreading, Westlake designs and constructs new tyres meticulously. It is advised to undertake Regrooving when only 2-3mm of the original tread pattern remains as per the company’s recommendation.

Factors for tyre wear

  1. Stop and Acceleration Operation

Rapid stoppage and acceleration traffic leads to extra tread wear to the tyres and minimizes the tyre life. Controlled steering, braking, particularly while taking bends or turning is generally recommended by the Westlake. Also, new products with improved sidewalls, special treads will be developed for specific cities which use “stop and go” situations frequently.

  1. Carrying load 

Tyre wear mainly depends on the payload carried in the vehicle. The tyre company advises to carry the payloads at the right axles and insists on carrying the heavy load on the drive axle position if possible.

  1. Ambient temperatures

Temperature is the main factor for tyre wear dependency. It is always good to go for a tyre service before the summer starts.

  1. Inflation pressure 

Inflation pressure play a very important role for any tyres performance while is it flat, summer or winter because air pressure also plays a major role for it. If inside air pressure is low then tyres will be under flatted and it causes under flatted tread wears. If inside air pressure is too high then tyres will be over flatted and it cause over flatted tread wear and both wear causes huge harm to vehicle and driver as well.

  1. Wheel alignment 

Wheel alignment plays the major role for performance but in case your alignment is not up to mark then your tyres side wall will be affected and cause side wall tread wear damaged. This results tyres blast, fires and sometimes cause huge accidents.

Hence, all new technologies are implied by Westlake to boost the performance of tyres.

Sumit Das