Water dispenser buying guide in India

Consuming water is crucial for a healthy body. Water dispensers act as an ideal option to have water available all time at your home or a working place. It comes with various features to control the temperature and acts very beneficial for both your health and environment. Once you decide to purchase a water dispenser, there are numerous things that you must consider before making a final decision. These depend upon the water temperature you like, consumption, water safety, and many more.

Points to consider before buying a water dispenser

Types of water dispenser

There are mainly two types of water dispensers. These are bottleless and bottled water dispensers. Bottleless dispensers are connected to the main water lines and supply unlimited water. On the other hand, bottled water dispensers require replacement of bottles or tanks. Bottled water dispensers can be inconvenient and increase the risk of water-borne diseases. Bottleless dispensers also purify the water.

Lists of dispensers


These are connected to the building’s water supply and electricity. These are also referred to as water fountains or drinking fountains. It consists of a machine that holds chilled water, so you do not have to wait for cold water.

Bottom load

These are the most commonly used water dispensers. The water bottle is placed at the bottom of these dispensers.


Tabletop water dispensers are smaller versions of water dispensers, and it is placed at the top of the table.

Direct piping

These can be connected directly to the in-house water supply for continuous dispensing.


Freestanding generally uses a water bottle spout-down into the dispensing machine.

The capacity of the dispenser

The ability of the water dispenser is an essential element to consider. Size depends upon the amount of water you need. For a large organization, a water dispenser with a high purification and storage capacity is an ideal option.

Water temperature

Consider the temperature you prefer before buying a water dispenser. Do you choose room temperature, will you use a dispenser for making hot tea and instant coffee, or do you like cold water? Various dispensers offer different water temperature settings that let you drink the water of your required temperature.

Health and safety

Health and safety are necessary. Before you purchase a water dispenser, make sure that it has features to keep water to keep water pure and healthy. A child lock feature will help you avoid spills and other accidents. Also, consider how a dispenser is constructed. The dispenser must be easy to clean to keep the water safe. Further, also make sure that the dispenser is designed not to tip over easily with accidental bumps.

Ease of use and maintenance

A water dispenser must have enough space between the drip tray and water outlet for easy usage. Space should be enough to fill water bottles, tall glasses, etc. The nozzle should be small enough to fit in the water bottle. Look for the dispensers that are easy to maintain. Units with a removable drip tray make it convenient to clean. Dispensers with poor-quality filters will need regular maintenance.

Power consumption

Different models have different capabilities the colder water requires high consumption of power by a dispenser. Dispensers with units of both hot and cold water will also consume more power. Compare the cooling and heating capacities of various models before you make your final decision.

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