Unlocking your creativity with arts during lockdown

Life is full of uncertainties and we all came across the extremity of this idea in the past year when humanity came face to face with a crisis that it never expected. Where the healthcare workers had to battle the spread of this disease at the frontline, the rest of humanity was subjected to their own individual battles. It was and still is a time where outside everyone is battling the outbreak of a deadly disease and inside the safety of our homes, we are struggling with the monotony of the current times which subsequent lockdowns brought along with it. In the present scenario where everyone is looking for a way to break this monotony and not be consumed by it, art comes across as an escape which is enabling people to bring in at least a semblance of movement into their lives. Now, you might ask how to find an artistic escape while being at home. The answer to this is online classes. With work being switched to online mode and education getting imparted through online classes it seems like going online is the only way to resume our life in the present scenario. And similarly, in today’s modern world arts education also comes home with online classes.

Today, phrases like online arts classes or online music classes have become a part of our everyday lingo. With experts coming online with a desire to share their skills through online classes, getting access to arts education has definitely become simpler. Even though stepping out of your homes without fearing for your life seems like an impossibility today, this modern era brings to you the opportunity to engage with world-class artists while sitting within the comforts of your homes through online arts classes, online music classes, online dance classes and whatnot. This lockdown, we witnessed several artists across diverse fields like Rosy Dutta Pandit (Classical Vocalist), Supriyo Dutta ( Classical Vocalist), Asha Gulati (Origamist), Himali Panwala (Flautist), Subrata Bhattacharya (Tabla Player), Pooja Vijayan (Classical dancer), Jinal Shah ( Textile Designer) and several others coming to the forefront with the desire to impart arts education. When experts have adopted the internet as their stage or their new workspace then why the budding artists should suffer in the absence of expert guidance during this lockdown. So, stop sulking over the things that you can’t change or the opportunities that you are missing out on because of the lockdown. Now, it’s time to channel your creative energy and engage with some art form that you always wanted to pursue through online classes.

So, with arts-based online classes let’s begin our journey towards unlocking our creativity this lockdown. Now, arts are not limited to just a singular field but contains within it multitudes with which one can engage. So, from this multitude, choose the one which moves you to action. In case your passion lies in music, it’s time to brush up on your skills. Pick up that guitar or flute which has for long settled in one corner of your room and start playing it. Take one step at a time and not only find a source of recreation but indulge in an activity that reduces stress, cultivates creativity and also improves your memory capability. And to aid you in this endeavour join online music classes which best suit your interests. If you are someone with a keen interest in crafts like Origami, textile designing or painting, go on and join an online art class. In case you are a dancer looking to polish your skills, go and enrol for online dance classes. So, whatever the art form which could help you glide through these tough times, engage with it and try to excel in it. Join online Carnatic vocal classes, online poetry workshops, mandala painting classes, origami lessons, online flute lessons for beginners, online classical dance classes or any other art form in which your interest lies. With all these opportunities available to you with just a few clicks in the form of online classes, sitting idle and complaining about it is not a compulsion but a choice. So, to escape this current negativity, rather than focusing on the worst, try to make the best of this situation and consider this as an opportunity to unlock your creativity.

Prangya Paramita Barik