Unique And Chill Ways To Celebrate Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan that one day in the calendar, when two thunderstorms of the family come together, without doing any noise. This is quite funny, a brother and sister who don’t want to look at each other’s faces, can’t live without each other. And especially, on Raksha Bandhan day. So this year, Rakhi which we usually call is on 3rd August 2020. So all set for the Raksha Bandhan. But don’t you think, it should be creative and exciting. Like, every year, what we do in the morning, the sister ties Rakhi in her brother’s hand, then she offers her sweets and brother gives her gifts. But these are things we have been doing since our childhood. But don’t you think, this year do something exciting and new. Look, I am not saying that doesn’t do these rituals. Please, definitely do, but what about the whole day. Do all the Rakhi rituals in the morning, give her a beautiful flower bouquet, you can buy it from nearby, a Flower Delivery in kolkata. And if you want, you can check new gifts ideas on Bloomsvilla also. They have launched an amazing collection of Rakhi’s gifts. So now, start the hunt of our Raksha Bandhan fun.

Cook something together 

Now, Rakhi comes on the last day of Savan months. And we all know, Savan month is full of rainfall. So if it is raining and you can’t go outside, you both can do this.  Usually, we see either brother make something interesting for the sister and family or sister do this. But they both do alone. So why don’t you cook together something interesting and delicious, apart from Mom making for Rakhi? Like you both can make cookies, chocolate, any ice cream, any childhood both of your favorite desserts, any kind of snacks, etc. You can make these kinds of dishes, together. And one of the best ideas, do an experiment together in the kitchen. You both can bake together rakhi’s cake. This will also be good.


A brother and sister go shopping and they come together happily, without doing any argument and fight. So this time go shopping together instead of giving gifts to her. And do lots of shopping together, take lots of selfies together. Go for the game, in lots of Mall, they organize special games for Raksha Bandhan. Eat ice cream, panipuri, and other things together. Create lots of funny, and cute moments together. You are both not going to forget this shopping never ever.

Picnic or day out

Picnic, when we heard this word, most of us remember our childhood. Because nowadays, the picnic is for kids not for adults. So why not relive childhood again. Plan a family picnic, or both your day out together. Do all the things that you both use to do in your childhood. Visit all the childhood sports, from School to evening snack shops. If you are going for a picnic, play lots of games together, you can play treasure with your brother or sister and family too. I am sure the memories of this picnic or day out you both will cherish forever.

Recreate childhood photos

This does not only sound interesting, but it is interesting. In childhood, we don’t know how to pose correctly, but still, those childhood pictures are so special. Because those pictures are not just pictures. Those pictures are memories of our childhood. So why not recreate those memories again. Don’t be confused, I am telling you how. First, choose some pictures which you both want to recreate. After that, try to wear the same design and the same color clothes, that you have worn in your pictures. Use the same props for the picture and the same place. As both of you sat on the staircase in your childhood picture. Then do the same pose just like the old pictures at the same place, and click the pictures. You can also add your family to it. If you don’t find the same color or same design clothes, you can order online, you will definitely get them.

In this way, make your Raksha Bandhan special. Do lots of fun, and celebrate your sweet, salty, spicy, and sour bond. Happy Raksha Bandhan in advance. Have fun and make memories.

Ruby S (Contractor)