Ultimate Tips for Choosing your Wedding Jewelry

In order to complement your wedding outfit, you will need a piece of jewelry that is unique and attractive. And, next to the diamond, there is no other gem that has charmed brides more than the well-known pearls.


You might already be aware that using pearls in jewelry has a long history, and it seems like this fashion trend will never vanish. Purchasing a pearl necklace for your special day will not only help amp up your bridal ensemble but is also said to bring good luck and charm to the day.


However, choosing pearls can become a difficult thing because you can find various kinds of pearls in the market. If you are also on the hunt for the right pearl jewelry for your big day, you must consider some factors, such as color, size, and length of the strand.


In this post, we have covered all the essential things to help make your selection process smooth and easy.


So let’s take a look at the tips!


  1. Color is among the most noticeable aspects of pearls. These days, you can make a selection from a wide range of pearls, such as white, off-white, pink, gray, black, purple, and so on. It is suggested to consider the color of the wedding dress and your skin tone. Do some research on the best color combinations so that you can pick pearls that accentuate the look of your outfit.
  2. Next, you must focus on the pearls’ size because this factor can make or break your look. In addition, the overall price of pearl jewelry for brides depends on the size of the necklace.
  3. The length of your bridal jewelry is also an essential factor that should be considered. Usually, it depends on the size of the pearls. However, the choice depends on the neck design of the outfit and your personal liking.

What are some key characteristics of pearls?


#1 Type of pearls:

  • Culture pearls
  • Natural pearls
  • Imitation


#2 Value:

  • A pearl’s value completely depends on the nacre. Imitation pearls may have no nacre at all.


#3 Orient:

  • The deep inner luster and shimmering characteristics of pearls are created in pearls. Those pearls are more precious that have a high depth of luster and iridescence.

#4 Size:

The peal’s size directly affects its price. Usually, it is hard for oysters to grow pearls that are larger in size, but when they do, the pearl becomes scarce. However, two pearls of different sizes can be valued equally if the tiny one’s orientation is superior.


#5 Shape:

Yes, the shape also has a great role to play when it comes to determining the value. The more uniform the shape, the more precious the pearl is.


#6 The smoothness of the surface:

The highest quality pearl has the smoothest surface. However, one doesn’t require a magnifier to find out if the surface is smooth and has blemishes; it can be noticed easily with the naked eye.


#7 Scarcity:

  • Cultured pearls are super scarce in modern times. Why? Because they can only be formed in particular locations of the world’s oceans. Also, they usually take many years to grow.


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