Types of virtual events that can be hosted online during COVID-19

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus global pandemic has affected almost every nation across the globe. Everyone in one way or the other is affected by the unpredicted COVID-19. The pandemic has taken a major turn and its severity gets intense by each passing day. The health ministry has regulated the orders of maintaining social distancing and enforced laws on public gatherings and traveling. Several organizations and businesses have faced dips in financial growth due to the global crisis.

The severity of the unforecasted condition resulted in canceling or rescheduling of various in-person events. Virtual events have rescued many businesses from dipping and overcame the barrier of connecting with audiences in these challenging times. Virtual events platform enables organizers to host any type of virtual event and connect with attendees remotely without geographical constraints.

Hosting virtual conferences and meetings have now become a significant part of every organization around the world. It’s time to embrace the virtual world and enter the gateway of digitalization. Organizing virtual events and reaching the audience worldwide becomes easy with virtual event platforms that offer interactive and engaging features. It allows attendees to tune in from the comfort of their own space from any device and browser. As online events do not involve traveling, it prevents one from taking risks on the health front as per the current scenario.

Virtual town hall meetings, exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, etc. all can be carried out on a comprehensive virtual event platform seamlessly. Many of the states are still under a lockdown process and work from home has been prevalent in some areas. Moving in-person events online is much worth it to keep the business going even in uncertain times like today.

All types of virtual events can be hosted seamlessly on a virtual event platform. Right from hosting virtual conferences to virtual trade shows, virtual fairs, and virtual exhibitions all can be carried out successfully. Apart from it, virtual events connect you with global delegates & enable you to host an internal meeting with remote employees. Online virtual meetings & events have helped many businesses to fill the gap during this pandemic.

In this article, we have listed the type of events that can be moved online without hampering the planned schedule in the time of COVID 19 global pandemic. Virtual is the new venue, welcome folks!

Types of virtual events that can be hosted online during COVID-19 & beyond:

  1. Virtual Exhibitions, Fairs & Trade Shows

As entire nations across the world got hit by the coronavirus global pandemic, an ample number of tradeshows and exhibitions got canceled. Awaiting the next declarations, many are in a puzzle whether to cancel it completely or reschedule it for the next year. Here virtual events come to aid as a savior. Trade shows, exhibitions, and fairs can be organized virtually, resulting in maximizing lead generation, much more than physical events. Moving your virtual fairs and exhibitions on virtual event platforms during these times helps in reaching millions of people worldwide. Engagement tools and features offered by the platform such as live chats, Q & A sessions, live polls, surveys, etc. allows you to engage the prospects, thus resulting in converting leads in a shorter time frame.

  1. Host virtual Conferences, Meetings, and Summits

Well, everyone is aware of the fact that in-person conferences and meetings lack in full attendance and participation of attendees. In-person conferences involve gathering of people under one room to discuss the business goals or plans. Organizing a conference with 100% attendance is a tricky task to accomplish. If you are planning to reschedule your upcoming conference due to pandemic, moving it online is the right move. On-ground conferences that are canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, should be organized online. Hosting a virtual conference comes with some major perks that are impossible to achieve with conventional ways of conferencing. Virtual events allow us to reach audiences globally and keep them engaged with the interactive engaging tools offered by the virtual event platform & services, invite speakers, and so on.

Hosting a virtual conference, meeting or summit is a cost-effective and time-efficient way that requires less manpower as well for organizing. In uncertain times like today, virtual conferences come with many merits that help in connecting people virtually and achieving desired outcomes.

  1. Town Hall Meetings can be organized virtually

Organizations that are widespread and have their presence in varied remote locations find it difficult to gather all employees under one roof. Physical townhall meetings are a significant part of organizations to spread the relevant information. Hassles of communicating with all the employees at once can get resolved with virtual town halls. It helps in bringing all the employees under one roof virtually to discuss or share relevant information. Virtual town hall meetings enable organizations to connect with employees in different remote locations with ease. Online town halls can be accessed by asking on-demand content if one missed it.

  1. Move Career and Job Fairs online

Keeping the current scenario in mind, hiring a candidate by having an in-person interview is nearly impossible. There is no sense in sitting and waiting for the next declarations and keeping business waiting for the right candidate. Today, people are familiar with laptops and mobile screens and spend ample hours in front of it. Moving career and job fairs online to a rectangle screen helps you reach the right candidate seamlessly.

Remote hiring may sound daunting, but it’s a brilliant option to explore the top talents worldwide and keep business running. Even before a halt of COVID-19 many top global organizations hire the most talented and productive employees via virtual fairs. Moving career and job fairs online expand the reach, thereby opening the realms of finding the right and quality candidate. The right technology enables you to have one-on-one audio/video interaction with the candidate.

  1. University & School Fairs

In this unforecasted situation, schools and universities are temporarily closed as per the guidelines to practice social distancing. Walking with digital trends, schools and universities are offering online courses and classes as per their regular curriculum. It helps students to join the class from their own space without risking their health. Many leading universities around the world are offering online courses long before COVID-19 came into the picture.


As go virtual is the new normal, adapting to change is the best move to keep going. Organizations, universities, exhibitors, and marketers around the world must try their hands on the best virtual alternatives without missing out on an opportunity during these challenging times!

Mayra Shaikh