Types of bar stools according to their material

Bar stools -The history of the bar stool or that we are used to seeing so many dates back to the Byzantine era around 667 BC

They transmitted it to the Nordic peoples and through these it reached England, thus spreading throughout Europe.

The stool throughout history has stood out for its hierarchical nature since, considered uncomfortable compared to other chairs, it allowed servants, craftsmen, or children not to fall asleep in its seat.

But times change, in addition to the status of stools and luckily their comfort, which no longer has anything to do with those rudimentary stools, more similar to a camping stool than to one of the current hospitality stools.

Stools were established in bars to stay, becoming the kings of the bar counters and fighting hard with kitchen stools (Stools used in island kitchens).

Many are those who think that stools are simple and boring, but nothing is further from the truth, they vary from their designs and colors to their prices.

Classic Cafeteria Stools:

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The classic high bar stool, we can find it in cafes and bars throughout Spain. It is a very simple model that does not attract attention but performs very well. Best Bar stools

It is made of 22 mm steel tube, plasticized and with integral foam seat.It can be purchased in various colors, or with different upholstery.

Wooden stools:

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The wooden stool is another classic in Spanish bars, it is usually seen in taverns and bars with a more classic or modern setting. It is very easy to clean and as it is made of wood, it resists well the trots that may occur; Although they are also easily scratched, especially with pants with metallic ornaments or buttons.

Vintage stools:

Vintage and industrial vintage stools are here to stay, trends … fashion … the truth is that they look great in many bars, we offer you a link to see all of them:Ā  Vintage Stools

Vintage furniture stomps wherever it goes and it is not surprising since its designs, modern and at the same time old, mixed with its prices are what is said to be a guaranteed success.

This tolix-type stool is a favorite as it fits in any space, both modern and classic.

It is made of iron with EDP paint.

With a very striking design, this fantastic swivel stool is presented that mixes comfort and design in one. It is made of steel tube, with a PVC seat.