Trends in Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment’s

The market of Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment is one of the most dynamic and is an aggressive driving force for the overall growth of the nation’s economy. This article provides readers with a good insight into the current scenario of the Construction Equipment and Commercial Vehicle industry and how utilizes the concept of “Digital Walk-inn” to make a valuable contribution in revitalizing the growth of this particular sector.  The Coronavirus pandemic brought a major obstruction for the growth of this particular market segment, as it drastically affected the demand and supply on a bigger scale. One thing that we can say, is a “Silver Lining” is that this pandemic created a huge opportunity and paved a way for businesses to prosper on digital platforms (including those of Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipments.

In India, the Commercial Vehicle and Construction Equipment market is currently flourishing at its peak. As of now, the valuation of this market is estimated at around INR 327 Billion. The Covid Pandemic saw a major setback for this industry, as most of the construction activities were halted at a larger scale. Companies like that are consistently working for the development of second-hand Construction Equipment and the Commercial Vehicle market also faced many limitations in this period. But as soon as the lockdowns were removed in different states in India, the construction and commercial transportation activities also began at an astonishing pace. The government’s new initiatives such as various infrastructure projects that are now implemented across the nation, will again boost huge demands for the Construction Equipment and Commercial Vehicle market.

Now, as far as the Commercial Vehicle Market is concerned, it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 18% by the year 2025. In the financial year 2020-2021, around 569000 units of Commercial Vehicles were sold in India (lowest since 2012) and TATA had a share of 37 % in the market.

This figure is also estimated to grow because most of the companies in this industry are working towards moving their operations on digital platforms to increase the overall customer reach. The biggest advantage of shifting operations on a digital platform is that the businesses can connect to a lot of customers within a shorter period of time. has a similar structure to connect with the customers, as the conventional methods of operating (Buying, Selling, and Renting) are becoming cumbersome day by day. has an AI-Driven system that gives the best search results by entering just a few keywords, such as Vehicle Category, Brand Name, etc.

Therefore, conducting operations through digital platforms can help many businesses to grow in size as well as create a “win-win” situation for the customers as well. This further will help the Commercial Vehicle and the Construction Equipment industry to grow and eventually boost the economy of the nation. Application:

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