Top 9 money making apps in India to earn money from home

As we are bound to spend most of our time at home nowadays it is obvious that we have more spare time in our hands than we used to.

What do we do with this time? I don’t know about you but I have wasted hours just scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. But what if we can spend this time on our phone while also making some extra money. The same time that you spend hopping from one video to another on YouTube or Watching hundreds of Instagram reels for no reason can make you money if you spend that time on the right app.

Top apps that can help you earn money from home

  1. Loco- Play games and makes money

This app deserves the first position because it is one of the most fun and challenging quiz apps and is available in multiple languages on the Play store and apple store.

Loco games are also popular because it rewards the winner with actual money. Loco has other games through which you can earn money as well.

  1. Swagbucks- Complete surveys and earn money:

Swagbucks can help you earn a lot and in quite a simple manner. Earn daily extra cash by taking surveys and answering them correctly. Each survey you take on Swagbucks earn you reward points which you can later redeem as gift cards of Amazon, PayPal, Target worth between $3 to $25. But some surveys do carry certain eligibility criteria. So when you find a certain survey that suits you take it quickly. Other activities on Swagbucks that can earn you reward points include watching videos, playing games, and answering questions.

  1. Google’s Opinion Rewards:

When a multibillion-dollar company offers a reward program you take it. Google’s Opinion Rewards is only available on the play store. If you want to earn rewards using this popular program then all you need to do is take a bunch of surveys and collect reward points. The app does not offer direct cash but you can redeem the reward points you earned to buy apps, movies, books, music, and many more from the play store.

Google offers you approximately twenty surveys a week so there is a ton of opportunity for you to earn extra money. All these surveys available on Google’s opinion app are about product reviews.

  1. Data Buddy

Data buddy also has an amazing rewarding program if you want to earn some extra money sitting in the comfort of your home. The apps reward Rs.2000 for every 100 new users daily. In addition to that can you also get INR 220 by just installing the app. This money can be directly transferred into your Paytm wallet after you link your account to the app. If you are a regular user of the Paytm wallet and would like extra money in it then Data buddy is the perfect way to do so.

  1. Magic pin

Magic pin app is also one more way that you can use for earning some extra money and vouchers. Sign up with a referral code and you can earn INR 50.  You need to install the official app, and then you have to sign up with your correct details. Upon uploading your first bill from any shop you get an additional INR 100 in your Magic Pin wallet.  Other things like uploading selfies, buying vouchers for nearby restaurants can get you some cashback and points. You can then exchange wallet money or points for vouchers to places like big bazaar.

  1. 4Fun

4fun gives you INR 50 instantly after you install this app into your phone. Simply log in to the app using Google or social media accounts. After this, you will be able to earn coins that you can then convert to cash. Refer the app to your friend and when they log in using your referral code you earn INR 6/ Friend. You can also earn INR 6 by sharing 4fun videos.

  1. RozDhan

Rozdhan is also similar to 4fun. RozDhan gives you money for sharing videos with your friends on social media groups. You also earn money by uploading videos and referring the app to your friends (INR 0.5/Friend). In addition to this, you earn INR 50 after the first time you log in.

  1. Pay Box

Pay Box is one of the most rewarding money earning apps in this list. Pay Box rewards you with INR 100 when you register. You also get INR 50 for every friend that signs up from your referral. Pay Box is an excellent choice if you want to earn real-time Paytm money. The app has daily activities like taking polls on completion of which you can earn even more.

  1. U Speak We Pay

You Speak We Pay is a slightly different app than other apps we discussed here. To earn money with this app you will be asked to read out a bunch of messages displayed to you. This app is possibly used to train AI systems in voice recognition and speech-related capabilities.

So with this list, I hope you are ready to earn a lot of side money, vouchers, and cashback. A lot of these apps reward you for referrals.

when you refer to your friends you can use any of the given regional keyboard apps to make that conversation more personalized.

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