Top 5 Reasons Why Watch Enthusiasts Love Mechanical Watches

Digital technology has brought massive lifestyle changes. From what we eat to what we wear, technology touches every aspect of our life. However, when it comes to wristwatches, the demand for mechanical movements is still on the rise despite the arrival of futuristic smartwatches. The prices of some of the mechanical watches can even range from $10,000 to $100,000. What makes them so expensive, and why do watch lovers go crazy over mechanical timepieces? The following are the five reasons that show why mechanical watches are still popular.

1. Craftsmanship

Watchmaking is an art that requires long hours of dedicated work. People are willing to pay huge amounts of money for unique designs and high-quality watches. Despite the quartz revolution during the early 1970s, mechanical watches became more popular than ever because of their impeccable art.

Today, many watchmakers sell mechanical watches with an extensive range of price points. It’s essential to read watch reviews, like Citizen reviews and Tufina watch reviews, to understand the best brands and features.

2. Watch Movements

Mainsprings power mechanical watches and the timepieces are either automatically or manually wound. Quartz watches are battery-powered, but you will need to replace the batteries once every two or three years, depending on the brand’s quality. Watch enthusiasts often prefer the quality and prestige of mechanical watches. The tiny mechanical parts are assembled to give life to the watch, which combines an engineering marvel with classic aesthetics.

3. Lasts More Than a Lifetime

Mechanical watches can outlive you and see several generations. They are highly durable and reliable due to the quality of materials. Diver watches are made to withstand underwater pressure, making them some of the strongest timepieces. Even if you get minor scratches, you can get the face repaired by a professional watch expert and use it for your entire life.

4. Eco-Friendly

Quartz watches require a battery, which needs to be replaced once it expires, and batteries are not eco-friendly. However, mechanical watches are powered by the motion of your hand or by winding them. They are an excellent option to save the environment. Plus, mechanical watches are made with longevity in mind, so they aren’t something you’ll wear for a few months or a year and then have to throw away.

5. Heritage

You may come across heirloom watches that are passed down through generations. Mechanical watches can be treated as a part of a person’s heritage. You can give them to your children and grandchildren if maintained well. Additionally, when you buy a mechanical watch, you acknowledge the history of watchmaking.

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