Top 5 Jeans brands in India for Plus Sized Guys

India was once fixed on its fashion standards and ignored the plus-size community completely. As time has elapsed this notion has at least started to wear off and many brands are launching plus-size categories to fit all. India is now growing in the plus-size category and it is not as scarce as it was a few years ago. And that too the collection is exclusive with a lot of variety. The one-piece of clothing that always turns out to be a disaster for people on heavy side is jeans. Either it would fit the waist and be tight on the hip and the vice versa is the common scenario, But this won’t be the case anymore. Listen carefully as we have the best rundown list of the best brands in India that has exclusive plus-size jeans for men.

Before buying jeans

Before looking for the brands there are few things that you have to determine before you buy jeans online that compliments your physique.

  • Know the exact measurements: buying plus-size jeans online can become tricky if you don’t know what your measurements are. Only by knowing the perfect measurements you can understand the measurements of the brands. To escape from a pair of jeans that choke you out it is essential that you are aware.
  • The nest thing is the types of jeans that you want. Don’t go for a pair of jeans just because it is the only option in plus-size. Instead, finalize your preferences and then look for the brands so that you can find one that caters to your needs.


The Mumbai based brand mufti started its fashion industry debut in the year 1998. Since then till now they have been a revolution in producing real-time fashion trends for men. They do justice to the most irresistible fashion of all time; the denim. The plus-size fashion of their brand is doing an astonishing job in terms of jean color, finish, fit, and quality. The stretch jeans for men introduced by the brand are a hit across the country. For heavy buildup men to stand out clearly mufti is the choice. You would have never felt a comfortable fit even from tailor-made jeans. Their size chart includes size 42.43,44 and 46 with a wide array of variety. You can get the best branded jeans for men in their store.

John pride

It is a brand that took India obesity problems seriously. On concern about people who are obese and the fashion negligence that they faced, john pride decided to take the matter in their own hands. And that is how this exclusive plus-size fashion brand for men took birth. To fill in the plus-size market that lacked fashion quotient this brand was a revolution. Coming to their jeans, you will be spoilt for options. Comfort, quality, and variety are what define their jeans. The sizes range from 36 to 60 and see that is what is meant by doing justice.


The aLL is another plus-size store that conforms to the dreams of “BIG” boys. Looking top-notch and dapper remained a dream for many due to the lack of plus-size clothing. But to make dreams come true this brand works wonders for every Big Guy out there. Their jeans are designed exclusively for men of all plus-size physiques. You can buy all denim jeans online and have the perfect blend of comfort and style quotient. Now you need not feel like being out of the place when you are going out with your friends in jeans that feel alien.


This plus-size fashion brand is a child of the fashion retailer Myntra. Noticing the lack of fashion quotient in the segment this brand was launched to meet the demands of the plus-sized people. The jeans segment of the brand is dumped with varieties that never go out of style. Sztori jeans are a definition of the perfect fit and uncompromised comfort.


Pluss is an Indian brand for the plus-size people that is in the phase of growth. This brand offers a variety of jeans in various ranges and sizes.

Bottom line 

There are also other brands like Levi which has a few plus-size options. But the above-mentioned has to be your go-to if you want to buy jeans online.