Top 5 affordable Quad copters for beginners!

So you are ready to embark upon the drone-flying journey? Well, as a beginner you must be ready for few bumpy and clashing flights at first and probably that’s the reason you want to start off with an affordable quad copter.

Fortunately, just like in literally every other industry you can think of, the Chinese drone manufacturers are well-represented in quad copter manufacturing industry and that means you will have plenty of choices choosing your first affordable and fancy quad copter. But there’s maybe one last problem in here; how do you choose the best drone with so many varieties available in the market?

Each variety available in the market comes with its own distinctive strengths and limitation and you need to understand at least the basic working of quad copter to choose the best one. Or you might still not need to worry about that. Just continue to read-on as we list 5 best affordable quad copters available in the market.

But before we began, let’s just put some facts in perspective. Most of the affordable variants available in the market come with many similar features like an average battery timing of 5 to 10 minutes, quite stable flight control (owed to gyroscopes) and lastly similar flight range with 2.4GHz transmitters.

So, let’s just jump straight to our top 5 best affordable quad copters for beginners:


UDI U818A is definitely one of the best and most amazing quad copters for beginners, available in the market. It is a highly-recommended variant that’s easy to control and get used to. The UDI U818A is lightweight (~ 1 pound) which means its flight stability might get affected in strong winds.

The UDI U818A comes with an efficient camera with 640 x 480-pixel imaging and video capability, which might seem bit low to many people, however, with such a lowly price tag you certainly don’t expect an HD capability.


HELI-MAX 1SQ V-CAM comes with an upscale look and is a great pick for people looking to start drone flying careers with affordable quad copters with aerial footage capability.

The HELI-MAX 1SQ V-CAM may not have the best in-line camera, however, it does have an average built-in camera that’s capable of taking 1MP still photos and shoot videos at 30FPS. It gives you the additional functionality to start and stop camera recording thorough transmitter, pretty much all you can ask for at such nominal pricing.

Considering its light weight is a pretty amazing at flight stability, even in moderately windy conditions. Though you will find cheaper drones than this one, however, the additional charges nicely makes up for its durability and 4-channel controller.

Like of the other affordable quads in this category, it also serves the flip function from the push button. Overall, it’s a rather stable quad that is intelligently designed to meet the need of new designing enthusiasts. While also sporting certain features for experienced flyers.


This is rather an upgraded version of H107L, which packs a new 720 pixels built-in camera and enhanced battery for increased flight time.

It is perhaps one of the best flyers for indoor settings, while also a great competitor when it comes to flight stability in outside environments including in light to moderately heavy winds. What’s even interesting about HUBSAN X4 H107C is that it offers two operational modes, the first one for beginners to get used to flight control, while a second mode is offered for experts or you have developed a feeling for the flight control and are ready to reach higher speeds?

Overall it is one powerful and robust quad copter which is practically indestructible (as claimed by its users).


This looks more like a drone out of some science-fiction movie. As can be taken by name, the Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider comes with a futuristic design that enables it to not only fly but also climb on walls just like spiders. What’s even better is that this amazing futuristic drone cum spider can easily be controlled with a smartphone.

The design comes with detachable wheels, which are used to climb walls, while you can simply detach them when in a mode to operate a drone. Overall, it’s a fun experience enjoying this affordable drone that’s also able to take some low-res pictures.


This is one of the heavier and more stable quad copters listed above. The USA TOYZ UX5C comes with great flight stability even in moderately heavy winds. It’s not only the flight stability that makes it a perfect quad for beginners, rather it also offers smooth and pleasurable controlling experience. You can easily control the flight speed of your drone a fast or as slow as you like. There are even dedicated buttons with built-in acrobatics functionalities.

USA TOYZ UX5C sports a 720p camera capable of taking average images, while there’s a 2GB storage SD card, so you can collect some amazing flight videos and images.

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