Top 10 Gardening Tools and Gadgets for 2020

Tools and gadgets have made our lives easier and if you learn to own appropriate tools you will be capable of performing your tasks more conveniently. Humans are using tools from ages and had made them more advance with time. These days we are getting more obsessed with gadgets and gizmos and even using a lot of tools and gadgets for gardening purposes too.

No matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned gardener; you will need some of the best tools and gadgets for your gardening kind of stuff in an easier and convenient way. You will need garden tools both for planting and maintenance hence it becomes necessary to invest in the right tools.

If you are looking to invest in quality garden tools and gadgets this year then this post will help you make most of your investment. When it comes to garden tools, the names are many and I have filtered the top ten best gardening tools and gadgets from that huge list for you.

1.Cordless Saw

Cutting branches and overgrown shrubs is a routine task performed in a garden. The problem occurs when you need to trim shrubs and plants located at a great height. A cordless saw will help you reach higher places and cut those overgrown branches easily.

There are wired motor saws also available but the cordless one provides more convenience. The cordless saws come with a shaft that can be easily extended and collapsed to reach a particular height. Because it’s not wired you can easily carry it around and do trimming wherever you want.

2.Patio Lights

Make your garden a more livable and beautiful place by adding a patio. Patios are a must to include garden things and you will also love to own it. The best things about these garden lights are they wouldn’t cost you a lot as many of them are solar power enabled.

Decorating your garden is also important as maintaining it and installing a patio along with great patio lights could be the best step in order to decorate and enhance the beauty of your garden and the patio area.

3.Power Barrow

Wheelbarrows are one of the staple garden tools and you must own one. Before investing, make sure to look for the advanced version of wheelbarrows as they are also coming with motors.

The power barrows will make it easier for you to transport your garden goods and other kinds of stuff. These motor able barrows make it possible to carry and transport more loads compared to the non-motorable ones.


A garden tool wardrobe is completely incomplete without a pruner and you must also buy quality pruners this year if you don’t have any. Whether you just want to eliminate overgrown branches of your flower plants, shrubs, or just want to do grafting, you will need a tool for cutting, and here pruners come in action.

These pruners are made with quality steel and can be used to cut or graft branches up to one inch. The rubberized handles offer great grip and balance while pruning and grafting the shoots and branches.

5.Soil Tester

Soil is the only source of nutrition a plant or tree has and you must make great effort to maintain its quality. The type and quality of soil changes with the place and it is necessary for you to examine the quality of your garden soil before start investing in garden plants and other things.

The Ph level of soil matters a lot and it can directly affect the growth of plants. You should buy a soil tester as you will be able to examine your soil and find out the Ph level, moisture level, amount of sunlight it receives, and many other necessary things.


When it comes to the list of basic garden tools, shovel always takes place on that list. You will have to do a lot of digging in order to plant small shrubs and plants.

The basic tool for digging was always a shovel and it had not any alternative since today. Make sure to buy a shovel made with quality material aka, steel blades, and fiberglass handles.

7.Steel Rake

Removing debris and fallen leaves from the garden would be easier with a steel rake and you should also own one. Rakes are one of the staple garden tools and are of two types. The hand rakes have shorter handles while the other ones are longer. The smaller ones are used to clean the flower beds and the area under the bushes as the longer ones are too large.

8.Power Planter

Planting bulbs, flowers, shrubs, and small plants could be a difficult task as you have to dig almost three to six inches every time. Power planters can save you’re a lot of time and effort doing the entire plantation around your garden.

It’s compact and easy to carry. You can dig a 6 inches hole on your garden floor in few seconds which will make your gardening easy, comfortable, and a fun thing to do. There are planters also available which can help you dig more deep and wide and do plantation at a great speed.

9.Garden Gloves

Making your hands dirty always while working in the garden isn’t a great idea and a pair of quality garden gloves will help you doing entire gardening things without making your hands dirty.

Our hands come in contact with a lot of things while working at the garden including compost, peat, fertilizer, chemicals, pesticides, etc and some of them are very dangerous in the aspect of direct contact of skin, hence wearing quality garden gloves is a must to do a thing to keep ourselves safe.

10.Garden Tool Set

Just as aprons are necessary while cooking, toolsets are essential during gardening and in fact, it’s more important. These garden toolsets allow their users to carry many tools at a time. You don’t have to run to your garden tool shed all the time as these sets can carry 6 or more small tools such as a trowel, weeder, pruner, rake, transplanter, cultivator, and many more.

Bottom Line:

Spending time in your garden can also boost your immunity and reduce anxiety. It’s a win-win situation and you must do gardening in your spare time or make time for the same if you live a quite busy life. Gardening not only enhances the beauty of your household, but it also makes you feel better and relaxed.

Working with the right garden tools and gadgets will save your precious time as well as make all the processes more convenient. The gizmos and tools featured above will help you perform all your gardening tasks easier and help you make more from your investment, time, and effort.

Suraj Kumar