Tips to Prevent Hair Damage For Straight Wavy Hair

Summertime for most of us is the favorite time of year. Summer glow and trips to the beach all help to make it so much fun. We need to care for our bodies during this time too. It is well-known that too much sun is not healthy at all, and we all know the basic steps and routines to stay beautiful and glowy. But unfortunately, we often forget about one of our body’s most beautiful parts: our hair. Don’t worry, and we have you covered, check out the best tips on how to take care of your hair this summer.

  1. Protect your hair

Just like your skin care, your hair needs a lot of protection, too. There are many ways in which you can do this, starting from using a hair scarf and ending with professional sprays that have a sun-protective role. The simplest way is to use a headscarf when staying long periods in the sun. This way, your hair will not feel the stress of the sun rays, and it will stay healthy.

If your hair is color-treated, try using a product that has a UV filter. Many women run their hands through their hair after sunscreen, giving their hair the much-needed protection. If you want a professional approach, you can choose a UV filter spray for your hair, and you can be certain that your hair is protected.

  1. Tone down with hot styling tools

It is maybe the simplest tip because it doesn’t involve doing a particular thing. Toning down on straightened hair or tight locks is excellent for your hair’s health, especially during summer, when it gets drier from the heat and sun. If you still want to have some Wavy curls, you can still choose sleep-in styling methods that will give a polished but yet very natural, beachy look.

  1. Dry your hair naturally

Like the previous tip, this one is also very easy to accomplish. Blow-drying your hair is a very fast and convenient way to get ready, but it is damaging for your hair, even if you use protective heat sprays. The best way to protect your hair from extra dryness during summer is to let it dry naturally. If you have natural wavy hair, you will also get a nice and laid-back hairstyle. Another tip for the summer is to use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to avoid breaking the fragile summer hair.

  1. Don’t wash it too often

Due to the heat and sweat, our hair tends to get oilier than normal, and it may require washing more often compared to the other seasons. But even so, it is advised to leave some time between your washing days because each of these procedures strips the hair from oils. And we have to be honest here, the hair is dead tissue, and it needs all the oil and protection it can get to stay supple and healthy. If you are bothered by oily hair, try going for a dry shampoo. This way, you can add a day or two until you have to wash your hair again.

  1. Wash out salt or chlorine immediately

When we go to the beach or the pool, we often like to get wet and cooled down from head to toe. This is normal, and it is one of the best perks of summer, but we also have to pay attention to what remains on our skin and hair. Saltwater and chlorine can damage the hair tremendously since they take out the oil from the hair, and they make it very dry and frizzy. If you can’t help it and still want to feel like a mermaid, try washing your hair after each time in the sea or the pool.

  1. Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner

And again, conditioner. Given that your hair gets dry and brittle from a multitude of reasons during summer, you have to support it in some way. If you are not a big fan of overnight masks, which are very thick and nutritious, you should at least go for a nourishing and restoring conditioner. This way, you can minimize some of the damage suffered by your hair and prolong its life.

  1. Maybe it is time for a little hair trim

One of the most damaging things for hair during summer is to be damaged in the first place. Dry and split ends that you refuse to cut to maintain length won’t do much helping for your hair. A very good thing to do at the beginning of each summer is to get a little trim. You don’t have to give up several inches of your hair, and just a little trim should be enough. Hair grows faster in summer anyway, so you won’t notice the change. Also, it is advised to have a little trim at the end of the summer too. This way, the split ends that appeared due to sun or heat damage will go away.

  1. Wear relaxed hairstyles

High and sleek ponytails may be in trend, but let’s try to wear them as little as possible during summer. Laid-back and relaxed straight hairstyles benefit your hair a lot because they are not stressful or damaged in any way. Besides, keeping your hair gathered will also guard it against some of the sun and heat.

Summer should be a time of relaxation and joy in which your least worry should be split ends, discolor hair and burnt scalp. These tips are some of the quickest and easiest to take care of your hair. Remember, your hair will love you and be cooperative in terms of texture and shine as long as you also take care of it. And as we have seen, this care doesn’t have to be expensive or tedious at all.