Tips for Illustrations to Boost Sales on Playing Card Boxes

Everyone likes to be entertained. This is why playing cards and board games have been so popular for centuries. But what about the card boxes? What if we told you that by incorporating illustrations and graphics visuals on your personalized playing card boxes, you could boost sales and set yourself apart from your competition? Plus, with all the beautiful images of nature found in clip art libraries such as Shutterstock, there are plenty of ways to impress your target audience by giving them exactly what they want.

If this sounds like something, you’re interested in learning more about, then keep reading.

The Importance of Printing on Packaging Boxes

In order to attract customers, the playing card boxes should be printed with beautiful images. The printing on the packaging allows you to set yourself apart from your competition and make a good impression on the target market. Through illustrations, you can give them what they want and align with their interests.

If you’re looking to boost sales in this area of playing cards, then it’s best to look into printing options that will allow for more appealing graphics visuals on your boxes. These printed images should be simple but effective enough to show off how professional you are as a brand owner while also making sure that there is some room left open for creativity when designing these graphic layouts.

From clip art libraries such as Shutterstock or even using stock photography taken by professionals, you’ll be able to find all kinds of different ways in which your product packaging could come out looking amazing.


Monochrome Illustrations

You can go for the monochrome illustrations for your playing card boxes if you want to keep the design simple and classy. It can give off an elegant appeal while maintaining its professionalism at all times, which is what most people are looking for in their product packaging designs.

Multicolored Illustrations

If you’re really feeling bold with your creativity, then go ahead and use multicolor illustrations on your box art; however, make sure that they will not look too gaudy or distracting from the overall image of the game itself. Also, take into account how many colors there are available when looking into these options since some printing methods might be able to accommodate more than others.


Do Your Research

In order to have the best illustrations possible, take the time to do your research when it comes to what you are trying to showcase. For example, if there is a certain type of creature or character that will be part of the theme, then make sure you have an ample amount of reference material so that no aspect goes unnoticed and can come through clearly in your design.


Know Your Competitors

It is recommended that you find out what other companies are doing with similar products. For example, if you have a deck of playing cards that has an Egyptian theme, then take the time to see how many other brands use this same style or approach so that you can stand apart from them with your design.


The Size

One thing to note is how much space you will have for these illustrations? Some boxes only allow for very little space while others may give more room which allows for creativity and uniqueness since there are fewer restrictions on where things need to go. On the flip side, sometimes it might be better not to overcrowd certain areas as well because too much information could make some aspects less important than they should be.


Choose the Packaging Material Wisely

You should choose the kind of packaging stock that is ideal for any kind of customization. You might need to do a bit of research into what types will be best for you and your design. Sometimes the limitations on this may not be very clear, but if there are restrictions, it is definitely worth investing in something that allows more freedom with how much room you have available.


The Appeal

An illustration can help appeal to both children and adults alike, depending on what kind of graphics or illustrations they use. For example, playing cards boxes with kids’ themes tend to go over well, whether Mickey Mouse or other characters from popular media such as cartoons or movies. On the flip side, games like poker could benefit from designs aimed at an older audience through images and symbols related to their interests which would encourage them to look further into your brand.


Your Packaging Should be Tamper Free

It doesn’t matter how good your design is if people are going to be able to see it. If you’re just trying out a new product or service, then the packaging needs to include some sort of tamper-proof security that helps guarantee authenticity and safety. You should also consider using serial codes, which can help track goods sold for future reference, so customers will know where their products came from as well as making sure they haven’t been counterfeited since sometimes these types of scams happen with common items such as food supplements or vitamins at local stores.


Attractive Illustrations Make Your Brand Distinguished

Having a unique and attractive layout is important because it will set your brand apart from the others. There are several different things you can do to help make this happen, such as using original colors, fonts, logos, etc.


When designing an illustration of anything, whether it’s something like cartoons or illustrations for children, use vibrant colors that draw attention and highlight information on paper goods such as playing cards with faces on them, which might be used for games by adults and older teens alike. Another successful technique would be to use bright light color schemes when coming up with high-quality custom designs.


The Final Word

When you are designing your playing card box packaging, it is important to consider the type of illustration. Monochrome illustrations tend to be more affordable and have a vintage feel but can lack visual appeal for customers looking at them online or in print catalogs. Multicolored illustrations might take longer because they require multiple printing plates, which could increase package costs, but these images are visually appealing with eye-catching colors that attract attention from shoppers browsing through shelves. Colorful artwork also makes your Cardboard box packaging really stand out among competitors who use less attractive imagery on their products’ boxes. You should do research into what other companies offer before deciding if the color or black and white will work best for you.


George Root