The Waistcoat Legacy

Rici Melion being the finest designer label provides exquisite waistcoat for men, be it awamiwaistcoats or western waistcoat suit, Rici Melion has it all. Rici Melion keeps its legacy in crafting waistcoat for wedding for its customers to the finest possible creativity & individuality. With specializing in the most premium fabrics for men, with excellence in 100% cotton fiber, wool, wool & silk, wool & cashmere, linen, and other limited edition fabrics. With assistance of our expert stylists and designers, you will be advised how to acquire a fabric of your choice and you can choose your preferred color as well. Rici Melion has a lot of color variations, for instance neutral colors like black waistcoat, blue waistcoat, grey waistcoat, brown waistcoat or navy blue waistcoat and experimental colors like red waistcoat, green waistcoat, maroon waistcoat or a royal blue waistcoat. Rici Melion also offers kids waistcoat and boy’s waistcoat for teenage years. It is safe to say that Rici Melion dresses up people from all walks of life. Our patrons can choose a waistcoat with kurta for their mehndi or nikkah event, Rici Melion stylists will guide them accordingly.

Rici Melion makes sure that novel trends are on the peak of your splendor after you adorn yourself with our classy collection of groom waistcoat that are the perfect stylish waistcoat for men’s. Mehndi waistcoat generally have a full vertical opening in the front, which fastens with buttons or snaps. With Rici Melion you can treat yourself with a wide collection of exquisite waistcoats that are available in a number of variations like you can get an embroidered waistcoat or a Sindhi waistcoat. There can be other waistcoat color or fabric variations according to your preference as well, for instance if you want a black suit with waistcoat, boski suit with waistcoat, black kurta with waistcoat, black suit grey waistcoat or a white kurta with waistcoat. These waistcoats are available in Jute, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Velvet etc. & come in patterns like Nehru Jacket, full/half stand or mandarin Collar, piping Work, embossed Buttons, lace Work and hand-embroidery. Rici Melion offers waistcoat online in all variations whether you want a kurta shalwar with waistcoat or kurta and waistcoat, you will find men’s Pakistani waistcoat with all waistcoat price online. The classic black wasket, blue wasket and white suit with wasket are the most trending among others.

You can make sure to give a smart update to your contemporary style with the Rici Melion branded waistcoat men’s fashion. Smarten up your shalwar kameez with our glistening fancy waistcoats crafted from premium fabric cut to the finest trim for a sharp fit, these waistcoats will elevate your overall look. The entire waistcoats collection are made with intricacy that will make you look royal and voguish and you can easily find a waistcoat for mehndi or any other event that is just the best waistcoat. An array of variety is offered at Rici Melion that includes blue suit grey waistcoat, check waistcoat, gray waistcoat, and blue suit with waistcoat, blue waistcoat with kurta, black kurta shalwar with waistcoat or a blue waistcoat with white kurta. Rici melion also offers variations such as the prince waistcoat to make you look the finest. Rici Melion’s tailored finishes allows for expert tailoring in line with the accurate customer’s individual sizes. Every single waistcoat is immaculately tailored for a truly exclusive experience. Our made to measure waistcoats showcase understanding your preference of arrangement of buttons, embellishments and pockets. Every waistcoat is created with maximum comfort and splendor that have always set our crafts apart.

Designer waistcoat are now a fashion statement that can be seen from the ramps of the fashion walks to the streets of Pakistan and Rici Melion offers all types of wasket for men’s. Waistcoats over shalwar kameez or kurta are becoming a trend at Nikkah/mehndi/barat functions as well. Rici Melion has an alluring collection of formal & casual waistcoat and when coupled with the simple shalwar suit, they add a dazzling effect. For a mehndi event, our patrons can choose from embroidered waistcoats men’s, waistcoat on black kurta, green kurta with waistcoat, brown kurta with waistcoat, jamawar waistcoat or a waistcoat with blue kurta. In our bespoke process of Rici Melion waistcoats, we take measurements with utmost precision according to your physique. After the fabric of the waistcoat has been selected, our team takes all the necessary measurements according to the tailored product. Our high-class finesse of fabric and stitching has all what it takes to wear the only masterpiece. All our designer tailor made attires are intended to offer you with an exceptional level of delight and contentment in exquisite wear.If you are planning to get a waistcoat, you have to look no further as Rici Melion, the designer label has you sorted. We take pride in offering eastern and western waistcoats for men in different varieties to suit all tastes and aesthetic preferences. Our bespoke waistcoats require you to come for initial fitting and design selection or you can order through our online ordering process. In terms of the fabrics used, we have elegant waistcoats crafted from various premium and limited edition fabrics like linen, wool, jute cotton, pima cotton, brocade, satin and woven cotton that can be made into different patterns and cuts according to your preference. The satisfaction of our patrons is of utmost importance to Rici Melion and we make sure that all of our patrons are satisfied!