The Types of Videos that are Effective for Online Advertising

Video advertising is here to stay. And why wouldn’t it be? It is the most appealing medium, with higher customer engagement and information retention.

Cute captions and boomerangs can help create positive relations with customers. But, in a world of people with short memory spans, how will you intrigue and please them for years ahead? That’s where video ads come into the picture.

From small businesses to well-known brands, video advertising allows companies to interact with customers through engaging visual content. Also, to showcase their products or services in a fun way.

By using a variety of formats and content types, you can increase the impact of your video ads and drive more traffic through your virtual doors. Without further ado, let’s look at ways to include video content in your online advertising strategy.

Live Streaming on social media

Do you want to completely outperform your competitors on social media? Welcome to the live-streaming era! But, if you haven’t used this strategy before, you’re likely unaware of its benefits. Live events on social media platforms are the best way to communicate with your audience. For instance, you can connect via Q&A sessions or introduce your product/service to gain maximum attention.

Moreover, live video events are easy to set up. Thanks to mobile phones, your audience can reach out to you from anywhere. It has the capability of reaching millions of people at no cost. It connects to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, among other social networking platforms.

Live Ads on Facebook

Thanks to a new Facebook feature, users can now run ads during their live sessions. Seems interesting right? Certain live event hosts can take a brief pause and play an ad. Facebook is still figuring out how to define which accounts are eligible for live ads, thus they’re still uncommon.

Ads are presently available to pages with more than 50,000 followers and a reach of more than 300 viewers. The option shows after users have been online for at least four minutes. You can run ads every five minutes for the rest of your stream after the initial one.

Social media Stories

Storytelling is the heart of every successful marketing strategy. It lets you connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Almost every social media platform realizes this and has its set of tools for telling social media stories.

Businesses are already using Instagram and Facebook stories to connect with and provide high-quality video content for users. Along with that, they also include clear calls to action resulting in increased sales and conversions. Social stories guarantee exposure and engagement in comparison to standard posts. So, why not take advantage of it and watch your conversions grow?

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is what you need if you want your audience to understand your product/service in mere minutes. These videos usually include animation and a voiceover that outlines what your company has to offer. Explainer videos are useful for almost every business and product type.

Besides, you may use them in a variety of ways such as Instagram stories, Facebook ad content, webinar introductions, social media posts, etc. There’s no need to be uncertain about creating an explainer video. With a professional 3D animation service, you can present your ideas uniquely and engagingly.

Video Demonstrations

People who are well-informed about your product are more likely to buy it. Isn’t that pretty obvious? As video demonstrations clear up a lot of doubts. Viewers that see demos of your product/service, for example, are more inclined to buy than non-viewers.

Text explanations and images can help paint the picture, but video content is more comprehensive. Video and live demonstrations, in particular, are excellent ways to engage. Besides, it’s the best way to gain the trust of your audience.

Hosting Webinars

Hosting a webinar brings many benefits for your business. You can reach out to a large audience and connect with them in real-time. Many B2B organizations use live stream webinars or seminars on Facebook, YouTube, and specific webinar platforms. It is quite similar to live demonstrations.

You can organize webinars yourself. But, allowing your customers to share their experiences may provide even more value. Viewers can talk about why they prefer your product/service. As a result, it can compel others to try out what you offer. Webinars give customers a voice. Therefore, they drive leads faster than other video options.

The Final Words

Video advertising isn’t going away anytime anywhere. So, if you haven’t already, jump in before it’s too late. A high-quality video can help accomplish every business goal. For instance, promote your product/service or interact with customers to get a huge ROI.

Besides, you’ll probably see video content go even further than the ideas we stated above. Take advantage of the new video advertising features that many platforms are introducing to push your video marketing game to new heights.

Talal Sheikh