The method of cutting the steel pipe

The main methods of seamless steel pipe cutting are pipe cutting machine cutting, machine tool cutting, flame cutting, sawing and so on. The characteristics of its pipe cutting equipment are described below.

(1) Pipe cutting machine
The pipe cutting machine has simple equipment, less investment, and is widely used. Pipe cutting machine is a commonly used equipment on seamless steel pipe finishing production line.

(2) Pipe cutting saw
It can be divided into several forms such as pipe saws, band saws and circular saws. The pipe saw can cut multiple steel pipes in a row at a time, and the production efficiency is high, but the equipment structure is complex and the investment is high; the band saw and the circular saw have low production efficiency and small investment. Circular saws are suitable for cutting steel pipes with smaller outer diameters, while band saws are used for cutting steel pipes with larger outer diameters.

(3) Flame cut
Flame cutting includes oxygen cutting, hydrogen-oxygen cutting and plasma cutting, etc. This cutting method is more suitable for seamless steel pipe cutting with extra large diameter and extra thick pipe wall. When plasma cutting, the cutting speed is faster. Due to the high temperature during flame cutting, there is a heat-affected zone near the cut and the port surface is not very smooth.

(4) Machine tool cutting
The efficiency of this cutting is very low, and it is generally used for sampling and sample preparation.

Chase Liu