The growing demand for electronics in India

August 08, 2020– Electronics have become an integral part of our lives that are used to solve day to day problems. From communication to cooking, storing food, entertainment, and controlling temperature, electronics does it all. The electronics market has seen noticeable growth and has transformed lives, businesses, and economies all across the globe. Therefore, Digi1 has created an online market where all the electronic devices from the best and recognized brands are available in your budget.

The demand for these electronic appliances has seen enormous growth in India. Studying the Indian scenario, we learn that India’s share in global electronics manufacturing has grown from 1.3% in 2012 to 3% in 2018. The electronics market is multiplying in India, and the studies below prove it

  • India’s digital economy is assumed to grow to $1 tn by 2025.
  • India’s ESDM sector’s economy is expected to generate $100-130 bn by 2025.
  • These studies show that India has a big hand in contribution to electronics growth.
  • The Indian electronics market is worth $120 bn.
  • Worth $8.8 bn exports were made 2018-19.
  • The electronics market has a contribution of 2.5% in GDP.

Looking at the domestic electronics market in India, we see skyrocketing growth.

  • Over eight times growth is seen in the local production of mobile devices.
  • Over two times the increase is noticed in domestic electronics production in 4 years.

[Source- investindia]

With the increase in population and awareness, electronic devices’ demand has always been on the rise. People want to purchase the best-quality electronics as it is a huge investment for them. At Digi1, it only sells the electronic products that have been proved best in quality, usage, and services. The company also says that products like fridge, phones, TV, microwave oven, and more are not purchased often. Therefore, they offer complete transparency to their customers so that they can buy the best product based on its details and are totally satisfied with it.

Digi1- an online marketplace believes that reasons behind the increased demand for electronics are household needs, agile technology, solutions for day to day problems, easy affordability, and a trend in the modern world. Electronic devices like microwaves, refrigerators, mobile phones, television, and air coolers have become necessary. Imagining a life without these appliances is tough. The company further agrees that electronic devices are a must for everyone and can help make their lives easier.

Digi1 is an online shopping place that sells electronics from the best brands like Godrej, Whirlpool, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony. These brands have been trusted for years now and have provided excellent services to its customers. Such brands are also considered the best when someone wants to purchase any electronics. Digi1 only deals with the brands that the customers can totally trust and have had a vast market experience.

Digi1 is a marketplace where the customers get multiple choices from the supreme-class brands and can make the final decision based on the details provided. Our customer care is always ready to help if the clients face any trouble in purchasing or delivering the products. We are moving forward, intending to meet the ever-growing demands and provide the best services to our valuable customers.

Talking to Digi1, they said that they are a leading marketplace that believes in providing the best services to its customers. It has already helped thousands of people purchase the right products at the ease of sitting home. Easy accessibility, various brands’ options to choose from, excellent customer service, and vast experience in the electronics market make Digi1 one of a kind.


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Paltan Yadav