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Raksha Bandhan is an important festival in India. This festival symbolises the bond between brother and sister. A sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist on this day. Rakhi is a thread decorated with colourful beads that comes in a variety of designs. It is sad when your big brother lives in a distant city during the festival of Raksha Bandhan, and it is difficult for sisters when their brothers are not present there on this special occasion.

Then what option do you have? Sending rakhis online, right? It is common to send rakhi gifts to India, and you just have to pick the right online shopping website to buy online rakhi in India. Talash brings you an amazing collection of rakhis for you. No matter where your lovely brother is, now you can select rakhis online without leaving home.

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The Internet has made our lives easier. You can order your things Talash from anywhere in the country. Do you ever think about ordering a rakhi online? Perhaps no one. Those were the days when you had to send a rakhi through a courier. It takes days and weeks to reach your brother’s place. Sometimes, things worsen when he doesn’t get a rakhi due to package shifting problems. How annoying is it?

Talash has solved your doubts and problems by presenting you with the best rakhis that you must check out and by offering online rakhi delivery in India. Surprise your brother with your sweet gifts. Show the sisterly love with these beautiful rakhis online. Try melting his heart with these adorable little rakhis. He will never forget this sweet gesture in his life.

Get To Know The Importance Of Raksha Bandhan In Indian Culture And Why Indians Celebrate This Festival Of Rakhi

The word raksha means protection, and bandhan means a bond, and it means a bond of protection. The brother swears his sister to protect her for the rest of his life on this day. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the month of Shravana based on the Hindu lunar calendar. On this day brother-sisters share their love by sister tying rakhi and brother give presents to his sister.

This festival started by getting up early in the morning. This festival should be celebrated with an empty stomach. The sister has to keep the fast till the rakhi is tied on this day. The fasting period is for a few hours. Then after getting ready in new clothes. Sister will decorate the Puja ki Thali. The Thali is contained with sweets, red colour vermilion ( to use as a tika), a set of rakhis, a small amount of rice, and a Diya.

Then both brother and sister sit face to face. Sister worships her brother for a few minutes. Later she feeds him sweets and ties a rakhi on his wrist. Brother blesses her with gifts or by giving her a sum of money, and he promises her to keep protected forever. It is the festival of sharing a bond among brother and sister. Indian culture is blessed to celebrate this festival. Usually, brothers do not show love towards their sisters. If both of them are living in different places, it gets even harder. This festival demonstrates the importance of having a sister in a brother’s life and having a brother in a sister’s life.

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These days it is common to find that brothers and sisters are living apart. In this way, both of them can’t show their love to each other. This is the way both siblings can tell and show attachment to each other. If your brother is busy with his work or studies and isn’t able to come home. Then surprise him with online rakhi in India, which will change his mood. He might be sad about not seeing you on this special occasion. But a beautiful rakhi will melt his heart.

This Raksha Bandhan gave him a beautiful set of rakhis from Talash. You will be astounded to know that we can deliver outside India as well. So not a big deal, sisters, if your brother lives internationally. Talash spreads across the world as well. We can understand how painful it is for sisters to not be with their brothers on Raksha Bandhan. This is why Talash came up with a big surprise for all sisters. Now you can simply place an order for your Bhaiya. Get your brother these beautiful rakhis through online rakhi delivery in India so that you can receive some gifts from him as well.

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There are various types of online rakhis in India that you can get for your brother from

Cartoon rakhi-  If you have a small brother, then a cartoon rakhi will make them happier. Kids love cartoon rakhis and buy their favourite cartoon rakhis from Talash.

Silver rakhi – These kinds of rakhis are popular. The difference is the rakhis will come in the silver chain instead of thread. Your brother will love these rakhis when he wears them. They come with images of any idol or with simple sacred symbols. There are a lot of them on Talash.

Pearl rakhi-  This rakhi comes in white pearls. It looks beautiful when your brother wears it, and the glowing pearls make the rakhi attractive. The shining pearl constantly reminds your brother about your gift when he wears it.

Zari Rakhi-  This kind of Rakhi is made with the zari thread. You can gift this beautiful rakhi to your brother, and it comes in dark red with golden embroidery. Your brother will forever cherish this souvenir.

Gold rakhi-   Rakhis with golden shade will never be a bad idea. Gold has several connotations, like the shade itself has its greatness. Show your brother how much you are grateful for having a brother like him.

Kundan rakhi – It is the most chosen rakhi, and it is created with a gemstone. That gemstone is the centre of attraction, and it will look fabulous on your brother’s wrist.

Bracelet rakhi- Rakhi has evolved in a variety of ways. Who knows that there would be a bracelet called rakhi, and Talash has these items. Bracelet rakhis are convenient because they won’t be easily demolished by wearing them for days. Buy this stylish bracelet rakhi for your brother.

Flower rakhi – This rakhi comes in flowery designs, and it is common to see such rakhis. This is the rakhi we used to wear in our school days if you remember. On Talash, you will get plenty of flower rakhis for your brother.

Raksha Bandhan reminds the bond or relation between brother and sister. This day is special for brothers as well as sisters. They can express their affection. It gets pretty hard when you live far away from your brother. You tied a rakhi on your teacher’s wrist when you were a kid. It shows your trust that the teacher will protect you. It doesn’t only mean to show the bond of brother and sister. You can tie a rakhi to anyone, be it your neighbour or your sister or sister-in-law and your uncle. It is a way to create a bond with them.

Talash never stops giving you surprises. You will get everything here at the best price for any festivals or anniversaries. Buying rakhis from the market is a hectic job; you will not be sure about the quality and the price. Here you will get the best quality rakhis at amazing prices. The Raksha Bandhan sale is live now on Talash. So, do some rakhi online shopping and buy these beautiful rakhis online to give a huge surprise to your brother.

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