Steal these easy ideas for a “head turning” look

We’re quite sure that every lady reading this blog post owns one or other type of pearl jewels. Whether they have got it as a gift or purchased it on their own, we bet that it’s just lying in their drawer. Does it resonate with you too? 


Well, it is a fact that a majority of women consider styling their pearls for particular, dressier occasions and especially for weddings. But have you ever thought of experimenting with your elegant pearl jewelry and wearing it with blue or black jeans? If not, you have committed a fashion sin! You must take your pearls out and begin experimenting with them. You are definitely going to have fun with it!


Not only do the pearls have a captivating narrative, but they enclose exceptional versatility, so they can complement practically any outfit in your wardrobe. Be it a strand of pearls, a sleek bracelet, a chunk ring, a pair of studs, or a gold chain with a pearl pendant, pearl jewelry can increase literally any attire you wear. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas to wear your pearls!


When to wear pearls

Do you know influencers and other jewelry lovers have hundreds of ways to style their pearls for any event and in any season? 


From wearing the pearls with ultra-modern leather clothes to pairing them with casual jeans/shorts and t-shirts! Well, you must also be aware of the elegant ways to level up your look, and in this section, we will reveal that! 


For a casual outing (say a coffee with your friends), go for minimalist-styled items, whereas for other special events such as parties and weddings, go for chunky pearl jewelry pieces. An interesting mix of different types of metals, such as silver, platinum, or gold, with pearls can elevate your look with a modern touch. In fact, cream/off-white round pearls can look chic when styled carefully with other metals.


Key takeaway– mix and match pearls with anything you wish! 


Effortless ideas to style your pearl jewels:

  • Sleek and minimalist

Off-white, beige (or black) round pearls are quite easily found in jewelry pieces such as pendants, bracelets, strands, or even studs, and drop earrings. 

What’s interesting is that just a single item contains the power to serve as a powerful and noticeable jewelry piece. It introduces a gentle and smooth touch to your office or casual look, night-out outfit, or even a luncheon with your loved ones. 

Consider pairing your jewelry pieces with color-blocked clothes and see how amazingly it adds a natural sheen to your look. Pearls will effortlessly pick up the hues of your attire. 

Apart from that, you can opt for an outfit that is neutral in color so that your jewelry works as a silent statement piece. 

  • Layer, layer, and layer

Pearl strands are easily available in varying lengths, so it makes sense to style them to look different. You can create a style statement for the day by styling multiple strands and even necklaces at once. 


Multi-strand collar pearl necklaces are considered best for showing off your fashion-forward side to the world. In fact, chokers also give a chic look when paired with turtleneck sweaters and tops. A princess-length neckpiece is also something that’s gaining popularity among ladies these days. It’s a great way to achieve a subtle look.

  • Pearls for everyday

Do you fancy styling pearls casually on any day, depending on your mood? Well, it’s not as hard as most ladies usually think. Whether your everyday style is minimalist or perfectly preppy, you can’t afford to miss out on wearing pearl studs. 

Moreover, there are several types of earrings that you can pick to up your everyday/casual style game. 

  • Few more ways to look drop-dead gorgeous without making any efforts
  • Pearl buttons, brooches
  • Pearl studded t-shirts and sweaters
  • Pearl decorated wristwatches


So here we have discussed some cool ways to wear pearls to add a hint of style to your outfit. If you fancy buying pearl jewelry at low prices, do check out the collection at srikrishnapearls