Six Great Minecraft Alternatives to Play in 2020

Minecraft is the most popular video game of the past 10 years. Of course, this super popular game has a ton of free and paid clones. Of course, most of them fall short of the original, but there are some that are definitely worth trying.


Realmcraft is a free alternative to Minecraft that is the best option if you can’t buy the original or want a little variety. This 3D sandbox is no worse than Minecraft because it has all its functions and even more. Here you will find a survival mode in which evil mobs roam at night, and during the day you need to get food and materials for construction. On the first day of the game, it is critically necessary to build a house in time or at least dig a dugout so that the mobs don’t get to you. Realmcraft in this mode has such nice features as four difficulty levels to choose from and turn-based quests that will acquaint you with the functionality. In creative mode, you are immortal, you can fly and build anything from an unlimited number of blocks. There is also beta multiplayer (Worlds mode) and multiplayer mini-games (egg wars, bed wars, and snowball fights).


Creativerse is a kind of futuristic version of Minecraft. After all, traveling across locations you can find high-tech weapons and other artifacts leftover from highly developed ancient civilizations. Also in the dungeons, you have to defeat many evil monsters. Also, the cubic graphics of the Creativerse are much better worked out than the low poly cubes in Minecraft, so this game is not least attractive due to its aesthetics. You can travel through many cubic worlds and change them as you like in accordance with your imagination. The worlds you create can be opened for other players and thus you even have a chance to make your world very popular. You can interact with other players in different ways, you can both cooperate and create something together, or fight with each other.


Roblox really stands out from other games similar to Minecraft. To be more precise, Roblox is not a copy of Minecraft, but a unique game that was released several years earlier than Minecraft. More precisely, this is not a separate game with predetermined functionality, but a whole system for creating mini-games of different styles, as well as for traveling through ready-made virtual worlds created by other participants. Thus, every Roblox user can be both a game creator and an ordinary player. Minigames can be copies of popular games (like Pokemon Go, CS) or something more unique (like a birds flight simulator). There are also very wide possibilities for customizing your character and creating an appearance that sets you apart from other players. Launch Roblox, make friends in the virtual world, and travel through millions of different mini-games together (and create your own).


Unturned is a zombie apocalypse survival game in the visual style of Minecraft. Here your goal is to survive as long as possible, defending against zombies and hostile players who are ready to kill you for loot. Here you have to build your shelter from scrap materials, as well as regularly get food, weapons, ammunition, medicines, and other resources. To do this, you need to make forays into abandoned houses, police stations, radio towers, etc. However, zombies live in these same places, so you should always be on the lookout. There are several difficulty levels to choose from for gamers of any skill level.


Terasology is a free alternative to Minecraft that also combines elements from games like Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. Basically, Terasology provides the same gaming experience as in Minecraft: you explore a procedurally generated world, create tools from improvised tools, collect blocks for construction, and build any kind of houses and castles. In addition, the game has special units (NPC) that you can control. They can do some of your chores and also protect you from mobs and unfriendly players. Terasology also stands out for its well-developed textures and smaller blocks.


Trove is a massively multiplayer game created in 2015. It offers a wide variety of activities in endless cube worlds. In each world, you will find a list of quests that must be completed in order to open the portal to the next world. In the game, you can find friends and help each other complete quests. Basically, players are engaged in battles with mobs in dungeons and the extraction of artifacts. The game has 15 character classes to choose from, each of them has different abilities, and you can freely switch between classes and improve each of them. You can also create your own unique world and invite friends to it.