Shed Unpredictability, Labour Shortages, and Equipment Unpredictability with SCM software!

Machinery and equipment rental, leasing, and service-focused businesses look for every challenging opportunity in their way. Everyone applies different strategies to stay ahead in the competition. Successful businesses emphasize majorly Supply Chain Management Software which provides all the necessities to run a business on a single platform.

Due to the global changes in the past few years, the supply chain has been disrupted for various businesses. Mckinsey’s Tom Barton recently moderated a discussion panel on how to overcome supply chain disruptions at the 84th Inland Transport Committee roundtable. There it was discussed that despite consistent recovery efforts, we have still not managed to achieve pre-pandemic growth and sustainable development.

There are three major challenges that the global supply chain is currently facing: Equipment unavailability, labor shortages, and global bottlenecks. Furthermore, persistent unpredictability is another reason why supply chains are failing.

It is important to choose the right Supply Chain Management Software for:

  • Providing the planning departments with a complete vision of trucks throughout the depots.
  • Enabling planners to schedule transport and transfer work orders using the same window.
  • Robust third-party shippers and carriers’ collaboration.
  • Route optimization by connecting planners with drivers.
  • Real-time coordination and optimization with logistics.
  • Updating customers about delivery issues or delays.
  • Agility for complicated routing, partial shipments, and multi-channel orders.
  • Manage complex freight and transport costs in a single process.

In this erratic environment, the technology you use plays a major role in the flow of your supply chain. Supply Chain Management Software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations has helped streamline the supply chains of businesses in different verticals throughout this rough period and continues to do the same.

How does D365 Supply Chain Management Software Help in Maintaining a Healthy Supply Chain Flow?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain is an all-in-one Supply Chain ERP System evolved to manage trade, manufacturing, and complete supply chain processes. It competently collects and uses the data available to provide significant insights on upcoming opportunities and threats. What else does it provide?

Everything in One Space

Microsoft ERP for Supply Chain Management provides every functionality a retailer, manufacturer, or distributor needs on a single platform. This may include a complete range of tasks such as data management, inventory, planning, warehousing and transportation, procurement and sales, and integrated product management on the same platform. This Supply Chain Management Software allows detailed management and complete control based on reliable and complete operational information.

Input Chain Control

Many products may come from distant locations while engaging in long traveling hours. They may reach you via trucks, ships, planes, etc. and each of them may potentially delay the process. Earlier it was impossible to control every stage. However, today you can access data on your cargo processed by delivery, insurance, and services in electronic forms.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain allows you to register agreed routes and gain information about the product’s location at each stage. This way, you can correctly calculate the accurate date of its arrival at your warehouse, thus ensuring timely shipment to the customer.

Control Additional Costs

After adding delivery, processing at intermediate points, and insurance, imported goods cost 40% or even higher than the selling price of the supplier. D365 Supply Chain Management Software allows control of additional costs at every step of the complete supply chain to your warehouse with accurate costing of goods.

Every line in each order, regardless of complete or individual delivery, disparities in routes, or calculation methods will be calculated according to rules of cost allocations. Even if there is an unexpected occurring cost in between the process, it will reflect in your current route ensuring accurate calculations.

Reduce Costs with Power Platforms

Another development in current digital technology is the ability to develop small solutions or chatbots, combine software products, and produce interactive reports at a far lower cost of development and maintenance. And corporate customers have access to all of this with little to no participation from professional developers.

There are also specialized, pre-packaged boxed solutions for particular processes that link to Dynamics family products. Is there an added task in your industry that needs to be automated? You can find solutions in the AppSource Affiliate Store. You will probably be able to identify several proposals that have already been created and are suitable for usage with your system.

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