Secrets of Roblox

The information presented below got curated for all the Roblox fans. Do you want to know the secrets in the game? It will elevate your game more than any player unaware of the secret places, items, and features you can use in various mini-games.

The game keeps updating the software and its features. So some of the methods might become inapplicable after some time. It gets advised to use these locations and accesses benefits. Read further to know more, For more details click on Roblox con.

Here are secrets from Roblox

Prison life

It is one of the most fun games on the platform. You can track your inmates by following this secret of getting out of your present sell quicker than any other player. All you have to do is go up to the window next to the door and stand facing the right-hand side wall corner. Please make sure that your head is touching the wall. Now you move your camera view in such a way that you end up on the top of your head. All you got to do now is zoom in to your hair and, you will automatically get out of the cell. Now you can continue your gameplay before any other player has come out of the cell.


When this game starts, you wait in the lobby with your friends. You can find a secret place to hang out by walking into the room in front of the bridge. Go deep inside and, you will find a pillar on your right-hand side. Stand facing the pillow and, a secret door will open after some time. Go inside and, you will find four buttons lying on the floor. Walk over the left two buttons and, they will light up. Now you will get access to a secret room to hang out while waiting in the lobby.

Hotel Elephant

To find the secret, you need to enter the hotel and get in the elevator to reach the sixth floor. Now headed toward the swimming pool, you will find a mountain near it. Climb it and, you will come across a teddy bear lying on the ground. You have to contact the object by clicking on it and, a secret door will open. Go inside the room and, you will find multiple beds on it. Lay down on any of them and, you will get the option to change your body type. There are many options to choose from and get a new look for your character. To go back into the hotel press the green button to open the door.


Do you want to see the lobby of the original game during its first release? All you need to do is go to the sewer and find the back alley. Go inside it and, you will find a hole in the wall. Nobody locates this place anymore. So it is a barren location. When you go inside the hole in the wall, you will find a big room which, is the first lobby released on the game.

Murder mystery 2

When the game starts, you end up in the lobby. All need to do is find the voting room and move up the stairs. In front of you, you will find a part of the wall sticking out of the corner. You can slide sideways from the space between it. Now you will end up in a room where you can see a killer through a glass wall. Keep staring at the TV stabbed by a knife.

Adopt me

It is a cool glitch to exploit in the game. Start by finding the air balloon and jumping inside it. Now fly the balloon to the sky castle. It will cost you just 5 bucks to reach there. Once you are in the location, you will find a flying orb on the castle. That is where you have to go and then enter the tower. Climb up the stairs until you find another door. You will need an anti-gravity potion for this step. Drink as you move out of the castle, and find a trampoline. Jump on it and, you start flying. When you fall, you will end up on an invisible platform beside the orb. Then you have to spawn a car and drive it off the platform. It will fall in such a way that it will explode. After that, it will start floating in the air. Now you can show off your flying car to all other players, click here for more details Roblox.


Here are some secrets from the famous games on Roblox. We hope you enjoy using them in your gameplay. You can hang out with your squad in secret places and show off your character body type.

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