Reasons Why Air Conditioning is a Basic Need in Singapore

Singapore is located in the tropics, and many Singaporeans attest that they can hardly survive without air conditioning indoors. It is considered one of the basic needs of the people as the climate here stays almost constant throughout the year. Listed below are some of the reasons why air conditioning is a necessity in Singapore.


Countries located in the tropics receive almost vertical sun rays throughout the year, which means that the climate tends to be hot or warm all the time. The country of Singapore also does not have a distinct winter season that would cool down the atmosphere. Even the nights in the summertime tend to be humid, making aircon a necessity here.

Improves Air Quality

Singapore is known for its high air pollution levels. It is a fast-growing economy and has many industries and factories that emit considerable amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere, adversely affecting the air quality. The quantities of pollutants in the air vary through the year. While sometimes the atmosphere looks hazy, there are other times when the air is fresh and clean. Aircons are known to purify the air by removing dust, impurities, and other suspended particles, and hence they are essential in Singapore. Moreover, remember that regular aircon servicing in Singapore is necessary to keep the air quality up.

Keeps Your Home Clean and Protected

With suspended pollutants and dust in the air, your house could become dusty without aircon, as you will then have to leave the windows open for ventilation. Dust could accumulate on surfaces and nooks, and it would be difficult to clean up later.

Most people in Singapore have modern appliances at home. Since the aircon keeps the house cool, it helps to protect these appliances. With continuous use, they could become heated up, and the coolness emitted by the aircon could protect them from overheating. Thereby, air conditioning increases the longevity of the devices at home.

Provides Comfort

People who spend most of their time outdoors understand that air conditioning brings a lot of comforts once they are indoors. Especially during the summer times, temperatures in Singapore could be soaring, and aircon makes it easier to survive the hot daytime temperatures of summer. These devices also enable people to get a good night’s sleep, even on humid summer nights.

All these factors make air conditioning an undeniable necessity for the citizens of Singapore, and it also makes aircon servicing equally essential to keep reaping the benefits of air conditioning in the country.

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