Real-time life insurance leads in bulk at unbelievable prices!

Life insurance has always been one of the highest sold insurance all over the world. The same applies to the United States of America.

With an overall decrease in the average lifespan due to the worsening conditions of the earth and so many diseases cropping up quite often, people have started buying more life insurance to keep their loved ones safe and protected. Over the years you pay premiums which matures when you die and your nominees get the amount accumulated.

The way people buy life insurance has also changed over the years with the Internet reaching everybody’s hands now. Online shopping is convenient, easy and fast which is ideal for today’s busy schedules and lifestyles.

Just like the way people buy insurance has changed, the companies selling them have also changed their ways of acquiring insurance leads.
Companies have gradually shifted from using traditional marketing methods like advertising, telecalling, poster and flyers, etc.
They are also reaping the benefits of technology to get hold of genuine life insurance leads regularly.

Companies who have the adequate reach and resources are generating their own leads while the ones who prefer to save time and money are buying leads from lead selling companies like 50 States Insurance Leads.

50 States Insurance Leads:
We are one of the most reliable and trusted leads selling companies in the United States catering to nationwide clients over 10 years.
Our unique methods and timely delivery of insurance leads in bulk have helped us to gain several satisfied clients over the years.

Who we are and how we operate:
Our extensive online operations across multiple platforms regularly help us to generate exclusive and real-time insurance leads and sell them in bulk through our wholesale lead marketplace.
We own many online marketing channels besides having tie-ups with affiliate marketing channels as well. Using these we are able to maintain a constant presence across multiple online platforms and maximise the lead generation. The use of proprietary technology and out of the box marketing ideas makes us stand out amongst our competition.

Benefits of buying from us:
Insurance companies can benefit a lot by buying leads from us as it saves them a lot of time which can be better spent in other productive ways. The Return on Investment is great as the companies can buy leads in bulk and convert as many as they can. It also saves them a lot of money which would have been otherwise spent on attracting customers. This way they get a set of genuine life insurance leads constantly over time and continue to convert as many as they can.

The companies don’t need to worry about losing the money they invest as the leads we sell are 100% genuine.

To ensure this we guarantee that all the leads we sell come with a valid and verified US IP address and a 100% phone connectivity. We make communication easier for the companies and all they need to do is call the potential customer up and convince them to buy life insurance from them.

Get in touch with us to know more and make a decision that you won’t regret.

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