Rakhi 2020 – An Auspicious Day to Mark the Sibling Love

Raksha Bandhan 2020 falls on 02nd August 2020 from 09:28 in the morning to 09:17 at night.

Best time to celebrate Raksha Bandhan is from 01:48 pm to 04:29 pm. This is the Aparahna muhurat to tie the auspicious thread and is the best time according to mythology.

The Pradosh period from 07:10 pm to 09:17 pm is again one period of time when you can tie the rakhi to your loved ones.

Rakhi is a time of joys and gifts. Think about some beautiful rakhi gifts ideas for your sister. You can also gift others in the family as well.

A beautiful card with different happy rakhi wishes can be gifted to all family members. It is enough to bring joy on their faces.

The times you must avoid tying the rakhi are given below

Bhadra Panchha from 5:16 AM- 6:28 AM is not a good time.

Bhadra Mukha from 6:28 AM- 8:28 AM is also best avoided until it ends at 9:28 AM.

A brief history of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan celebration has come up several times in history.

Lord Indra’s wife Sanchi is said to have visited Sri Vishnu when Indra was fighting a battle with Lord Bali. Lord Vishnu gave her a sacred thread to tie around the wrist of Lord Indra, after which he won the war.

Yam and Yami celebrated this relationship by tying a knot and putting a tilak on Yam and Shani dev. This ritual was done by her two days after Diwali.

Ganesha created Mata Santoshi on this day and gifted her to Shubh and Labh.

Krishna had instructed Yudhishthira on how to get or give protection with the use of a thread around the wrist.

Draupadi tied rakhi around Krishna’s wrist. When she was being abused by the Kauravas, Krishna saved her and since then Draupadi ties a rakhi on Krishna’s wrist.

The widowed queen Karnavati sent a rakhi to Humayun seeking help. She was trying to save her kingdom from being attacked by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration across various religions

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in India and Nepal, even by the Hindu communities of Bangladesh and Pakistan. Celebrations in India are vivid and colourful, so are they in Nepal.

In Nepal the Deepawali observed during these five days is the next big festival after Dashain. They tie rakhis and also observe this day as Shravan Poornima.

In Jainism on this day, the priests tie protective threads around the right arm of devotees in temples.

In Sikhs, this festival is observed as Rakhardi or Rakhari.

Celebrations of Rakhi to celebrate sibling love

How does the scripture define the making of Rakhi celebrations?

According to the Bhagavad Purana, you may choose any thread either cotton or silk. This thread is to be decorated either by rice grains or barley grains. Mustard seeds can also be used to decorate this thread. After decorating the red thread, it needs to be tied in the right arm of the person for whom it is made.

In earlier days, priests used to tie the rakhi around the right wrist of kings and princes on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. People often tie the rakhi around trees to mark this day as some trees have been known since ancient times to be protectors of human life or preserver of human lives.

Nowadays, people use externally manufactured rakhi for rakhi celebrations. Rakhi is made in small company units and they come in different shapes and forms. The rakhis are manufactured in bulks and you have a lot of designs to choose from now. Almost a month before rakhi comes, shops begin selling rakhi. Some people buy early since a lot of people are used to sending rakhi through courier to their far-off brothers.

Who all can send rakhis apart from your brother?

In India, the culture of rakhi has taken massive turns. It is a relationship wherein the ones who seek protection need to ask for help from the protectors by sending them a rakhi.

The rakhi is a silent symbol of protection sent out to our protectors during the Rakhi celebrations.

People send rakhi to the prime minister, president, to the soldiers also. People can send rakhis to the soldiers in the border also. People can tie rakhis to their cousins, fathers, uncles, even husbands, classmates, even strangers who might have protected you at some point in time.

In India, sometimes strange men who come to aid hapless women are often tied to rakhis to symbolise the brotherly sisterly love.

Some girls often visit orphanages and tie rakhis to the orphan children on the occasion of Rakhi celebrations.

Some people tie protection threads around trees. These trees have supported humans through generations.

How or what to do on the day of celebration?

Usually in every household people wake up early, and take a bath on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Generally, every home worships following the Pooja vidhi. In homes, after the first round of worship, two divisions are made. Some people gather together to prepare a nice meal.

Some people on the other side, gather together to create innovative rakhis. In those homes where people buy rakhis from the market, they gather together to clean up the house.

How to make rakhis

To make rakhis, you need to collect all the trash in the house. Apart from buying them from the shop, you can make them for your very near and dear ones, to show that you care about them.

Collect small beads, thrown metallic wires, studs and other such items.

Wrap them or roll them on your rakhi and stick a small Ganesha or Hanuman or Krishna on it for this rakhi celebration. You can also use a peacock feather in this case. Once you have stuck them with a good glue, the thread would have a new look.

Place it on the plate, and place some rice grain mixed with some vermilion, dry sandalwood paste and turmeric powder. Now, keep a diya at your place and some flower petals.

If you want to make a tilak then you must organise these below-mentioned ingredients with you.

A little soil, some vermilion, turmeric and sandalwood powder. Mix them with oil and make it into a paste. Place it in a small container. You have to put the Tilak, smear it with the rice grains and then do arti of your brother before tying the sacred thread on his wrist during Raksha Bandhan.

After you are done with it, let us find out how others can decorate the house.

How to decorate the house

Decorating the house is not a big task but it requires a little imagination to make it celebration ready.

For Rakhi celebrations, you can use a lot of flowers, if you can arrange vases in the corners.

You can stick images on the walls, huge life-size images to renovate the walls completely.

You can use crepe paper and colours to create beautiful rangolis, place nice smelling flowers wherever you can and also clean the dust from your entire house. Change your bed sheets, put some vibrant colours on your walls. Pillow covers and other sofas can also be decorated with colourful covers for rakhi celebrations.

What food can you prepare to celebrate Raksha Bandhan within a family

You can cook a lot of desserts and can include gulab jamuns, jalebis, ras malai, rasgulla and other such delicacies that are savoured by almost every member within a family.

You can make a meal according to the taste buds of your daughter and son to make their happy rakhi celebrations special.

Kadai paneer, biriyani, pulao, fried rice, paneer kofta, palak dahi paneer and many more such rich delicacies can make the day for children. A warm meal, a hearty smile and gifts can renew you like nothing else.


Raksha Bandhan is a celebration that glorifies brotherly and sisterly love. The pious relationship between the brother and sister comes alive on this occasion. Usually, anybody who stands and protects the weaker ones in the society become the brothers of the clan.

Raksha Bandhan is one such occasion when the world remembers the art of self-restraint. When the world tries to vow that they would depart from the horrible egos that guide their life, it is this very day. Lust is a primary cause of worry. It is this day when people can forget lust and absolve universal brotherhood above all.

On this day, a man can forget the greed, anger and all other painful events and begin new and fresh again. A stressful life comes to an end for a day. People forget the fight that they have to wage throughout the day to ensure they wake up the day next comes to a halt. People get renewed again in the arms of their near and dear ones creating new memories and new bonds for life.

Nandini Sain