Online Class For Economics For Cbse Class 11th And 12th Students

Class 11th and 12th standard students are young adults and get easily distracted. Online classes for economics provide students the best way to understand all these topics thoroughly and at the same time get all their doubts and problems cleared without getting distracted which they would otherwise get due to peer pressure and friends

Economics is one of the compulsory subjects in the Commerce stream once a student goes forward with selecting commerce as a stream in 11th standard, he/she has to study economics and its various interesting chapters like demand, supply, National Income, etc which are included in class 11th and 12th standard syllabus. 

Vidya Setu Learning provides the best online classes for economics for class 11th and 12th at the same time is the best guide looking for solutions, sample papers, question papers, syllabus or even toppers answer sheet. 

Online classes for economics class 12 are available on multiple platforms both paid and for free, although even with a huge number of students moving towards online classes for economics, there are still a bunch of students hesitant towards getting class 11th and 12th economics online classes. 

Before moving towards knowing the best and also free Online classes for Economics we should first understand how economics online classes are better than the offline private tuitions. 
online classes for economics

Benefits of Online Classes for Economics 

  1. Accessible – Online classes for economics class 12 can be taken from anywhere at any time with minimum investment.
  2. Best faculty as all of the teachers around the world put their courses online, so students can select which one is suitable for them.
  3. Video lectures for economics class 12th and 11th available online are free of cost and can be taken anywhere and anytime.
  4. Online classes for Economics are very comfortable as it can be taken at your very own study table and the students need not go anywhere during these covid times.

Online Classes can take place in multiple methods-

  1. YouTube Video Lectures
  2. Zoom Classes
  3. Online Classes on websites
  4. Pen Drive Courses

Which Is The Best Method For Economic Online Classes For Class 12 


Expenses No Expense Expensive Expensive Average Expense
Faculty Experienced faculty from around the world under one platform  Not Guaranteed Experience Experienced Teachers  No Experience and also no interaction with teachers.
Live  Recorded classes Live classes Recorded as well as Live Classes Recorded Classes
Quality HD Quality videos with subtitles Not good Quality as it is done on a Video call HD Quality videos with subtitles Not good Quality as the lectures majorly involved PPT files. 
Problem Solving The Problems can be asked in the comment section.  The Problem has to be asked in the live classes which are difficult for Shy students  Problems have to be asked through BOT which at times does not understand the problem efficiently. Problem Solving Facility is not available in pen Drive Courses 

YouTube Video Lectures For Class 12 Economics 

Youtube lectures are the best choice out of all these available ways of online classes for economics as it is one of the most suitable and feasible ways of learning online without any extra expenses other than an internet connection. 

The online classes of economics in the form of YouTube lectures are also available for download so students without the internet connection at that time can also provide the

The Syllabus and chapters are thoroughly taught and explained in the best manner possible so that each and every student can get a complete idea of their respective courses

 There are a lot of Service providers providing YouTube lectures for Class 11th and 12th Economics as well as Online classes for Economics, although these all have some or the other drawback. But the one which is the most trustable source for online classes for economics class 12  is Vidya Setu Learning.

Vidya Setu Learning- Best Youtube Video Lectures For Economics

Let us understand how Vidya Setu Learning is the best online classes for economics-

  1. The online economics classes for classes 12 and 11th are Free Of Cost, making it available for everybody without any inequality due to financial background.
  2. In other Online classes for economics or video lectures, the teachers are not very well experienced and are mostly freshers teaching without any experience whereas at Vidya setu Learnings the teachers are fully experienced and complete the entire syllabus and teach every chapter thoroughly.
  3. The online classes for economics classes 12 and 11 are recorded so students need not worry about attending the live classes as all the classes are available on YouTube. 
  4. The Video Quality of these Economics Video lectures for class 12 is top-notch. Hence, students need not worry about sound issues. 


With the research and facts, we learned in the post above, we can conclude that the Youtube Video Lectures are the best choice for students looking for Online Classes for Economics. The best online classes for economics are provided to the students by Vidya setup Learning which has the experienced faculty looking forward more to educate the Younger Minds than to earn money out of their greed.