Microwave buying guide in India

Microwave ovens have made our lives much more manageable. It is a small, boxlike oven that increases food temperature by exposing it to a high-frequency electromagnetic field. Cooking, reheating, grilling, and baking is now all done within minutes using the technology.

Different types of microwaves fulfill the various needs of the people. As buying a microwave oven is a significant investment and an integral part of your kitchen, you must be sure that you buy the right microwave to meet all your kitchen needs. Know the different types of microwaves available, their functions, and what type meets your needs.

Things to keep in mind before buying a microwave

Microwave ovens are kitchen appliances that help reheat, grill, and bake. These are an excellent tool for cooking a wide range of recipes and food items. The functioning, price, features, size, and reliability should all be kept in mind before purchasing a microwave oven.

Type of microwave

Solo microwave oven

Solo microwave ovens are a basic model. These are the right fit for bachelors or two member families. These are cheaper as compared to other models. These are manufactured to be placed over the countertop and are optimal for cooking simple meals and reheating cooked food.

Grill microwave oven

Grill microwave ovens are best to grill meat and vegetables. Both microwave and grill functions run parallel and produce delicious food. It consists of heating coils that help in grill, toast, and roast. These are slightly costlier than standard microwave ovens.

Convection microwave oven

A convection microwave is a fully developed appliance that serves as a standard microwave, grill microwave, and convection (baking) oven. The dimension of a convection microwave oven is less than 20 liters and high as 40 liters.

The appropriate size

One size does not fit all. Microwave ovens come from .5-cubic-feet to 1.5-cubic-feet models. You will have to understand how much space you have for the microwave and what you will put in a microwave. Measure the kitchen tools that you will put inside a microwave for cooking.

The right wattage

Higher the wattage, the better the microwave will function. Microwaves in the 900-1000 watt range have enough power to heat and defrost anything. Microwave with 700 or fewer watts takes much more time.


Microwave ovens that come with sensors are a smart way to keep your energy consumption at bay. It cooks for as long as it is needed so that it does not consume extra energy. It protects meals from exploding in the machine and dissipates just as much power required.

Meeting the requirements

A microwave meeting all your requirements is one of the most crucial things you should keep in mind before buying a microwave oven. Know what exactly are your needs, whether you want a microwave for reheating, cooking, baking, grilling, or for all these. The microwave you purchase should be able to fulfill all your needs.

Set your budget

Setting a budget is always necessary before you buy anything. Be sure of how much you can spend on a microwave oven so that you can look for options within the set budget. The pricing of the microwave depends upon the size, functions, types, and brand of it.

Additional features of microwave

Some microwaves come with other characteristics that make cooking easier. Some offer shortcut settings, automate power levels, and cook time for foods like popcorn, pizzas, etc. a few offer quick defrost settings, and others help keep the food warm after cooking.

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Paltan Yadav