Make Your Plan for Study MBBS in Abroad

  1. MBBS in Abroad Vs MBBS in India

Undoubtedly, MBBS in abroad is much more economical than MBBS in India.

  1. Medical Students Take the NEET

In India, thousands of medical students take the NEET (National Qualification and Entrance Examination) every year, but only 5% to 7% are eligible for medical diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Admitted to Government Medical Schools

Very few people were admitted to government medical schools.

  1. Private Medical Schools or Universities

The rest went to private medical schools or universities in the country which caused many problems.

  1. Dream of Studying MBBS

There are many people who just dream of studying MBBS and becoming doctors.

  1. Private Schools Fee Structure Not Affordable

But the fee structure of private medical schools is not affordable for them.

  1. Pass the NEET Exam

And not everyone can pass the NEET (National Qualification and Entrance Examination) exam.

  1. Admission to Government Medical Schools

Get admission to government medical schools because of participation.

  1. Students Taking Exam and Number of Seats

There is a big difference between the number of students taking the exam and the number of seats.

  1. Pursue an MBBS Degree in Abroad

For all medical aspirants, the easiest option is to pursue an MBBS degree in abroad.

  1. Maintain First Class Standards in Education

Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Georgia, Russia, and many other countries maintain first-class standards in education and employment.

  1. Benefit from Having World Class Teachers

This means that all students will benefit from having world-class teachers and high-quality education.

  1. Learning the Latest Courses

Advanced infrastructure and learning the latest courses; not to mention international exposure and hands-on training.

  1. Choose to Study MBBS in Abroad

Therefore, if we choose to study MBBS in abroad, we will have the following advantages.

  1. Prefer Medical or MBBS in Abroad

So let us look at the reasons why you should prefer medical or MBBS in abroad.

  1. Better Job Opportunities

Studying MBBS from abroad will open the door to opportunities for you, where you can earn a good salary and benefits.

  1. Foreign Degrees and Value Qualifications

Employers consider foreign degrees and value qualifications.

  1. Obtaining an MBBS Degree from Abroad

After completing the MBBS, if your plan includes returning to India, obtaining an MBBS degree from abroad will be beneficial to you and will also increase the weight of your resume.

  1. Degree Approved Is by MCI and WHO

Therefore, you will obtain a safe career with a degree approved by MCI (Medical Council of India), the WHO (World Health Organization), and other governing bodies.

  1. Providing High Quality Education

In addition to providing high-quality education and international studies

  1. Affordable Fee Structure

We have discussed in many blogs that the fee structure of studying in countries such especially MBBS in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia is more affordable than India.

  1. Cost Structure of All Medical Schools

In general, the cost structure of all medical schools abroad, such as Russia, China, Georgia, the Philippines, and Ukraine, are within the same bandwidth of US $ 3000 – US $ 6000 per year.

  1. Become an Achievable Dream

Nowadays, MBBS from abroad has become an achievable dream, which will not only enhance your domain knowledge.

  1. Provide You with the Option of Returning

But also enhance your personality, and also provide you with the option of returning to your hometown and practicing medicine.

  1. Better Advantages and Modifications

Therefore, in a lower cost structure, you will have better advantages and modifications.

  1. Wide Range of Practical Opportunities

Study MBBS in abroad can provide students with a wide range of practical opportunities during their medical plan.

  1. China Is Most Populous Countries

When talking about countries like China, we all know that these countries are the most populous countries.

  1. The Influx of a Large Number of Patients

Therefore, with the influx of a large number of patients, medical students will have a wide range of practical opportunities.

  1. Focus on Research and Theoretical Courses

The research involves not only theoretical courses but also interesting and rich practical training.

  1. Increase Your Career Opportunities

In this way, you will get the required exposure before becoming a doctor, which can formally increase your career opportunities.

  1. Comfortable and Safe Environment

Russia, China, Georgia, the Philippines, Ukraine, and other countries or regions provide a safe and comfortable environment for all Indian and international students.

  1. Lively and Interesting Environment for Students

The medical school provides a lively and interesting environment for students to cultivate new friendships.

  1. Security and Protection in Countries of Abroad

If we talk about security and protection in countries of abroad especially about women’s safety and protection please tell you that women, especially indigenous women, are very safe abroad because they are under constant surveillance.

  1. Provide Comfortable Accommodation

All medical schools of abroad provide comfortable accommodation for all Indian students. India has Indians in almost all countries abroad.

  1. Getting Indian Food

So, Indian students do not have to worry about getting Indian food in counties of foreign.

Kumari Sujata