Just Fix QuickBooks Hosting Mode is off Issue on Your Own

Hello readers, today this article will be about the title issue of QuickBooks hosting mode is off. Those of us who’ve used the QuickBooks site for a long period of time and used the hosting facility for a considerable amount of time has faced this issue. This issue is enough important to be in our article. Please read the entire article to know the full detail of the issue.

QuickBooks Hosting Facility

QuickBooks is a business accounting software that amounts to various functions like bookkeeping, inventory, taxation, payroll, invoicing, budgeting, etc. these can be functions can be fully availed in a sole computer and on the other hand, can be accessed on multiple computers. This multiple-computer feature is known as hosting.

In a hosting mode, multiple computers are connected to a network/server. There will be a host computer that will grant a permit to the rest of the workstations to access and work over the company file whereas the rest of the computers will be dependent on it. Our issue stems here from whether QuickBooks hosting mode is off or it is on.

What Is Hosting?

Hosting in simple terms is when one particular computer holds a valuable company file and permits grants to other workstations to do a task in it. In this way, all the workstations can work at anytime and anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Hosting

This aspect of QuickBooks hosting is interesting as hosting leads to reductions in cost and last but not least time. Hosting also does not require hard drive storage and data can be saved in a common source. Along the same line, it also saves a lot of physical amenities such as printers, cartridges, inks, etc. In short, some amount of pollution can be reduced.

First thing first: how to turn the hosting on/off

If you wish to turn your computer on as the host computer then you ought to be familiar with the procedure to do it. They are as,

  1. Launch QuickBooks.
  2. Head to the File menu and then click on Utilities.
  3. If the Multi-user Access option is already off.
  4. Head to Next.
  5. If Hosting Multi-User Access is currently enabled. Click on Stop Hosting Multi-User Access to turn it off.

All The Requirements You Need for The Hosting Facility

Before you attempt to run the hosting facility, ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled. Pay attention to these:

  • Windows Server 2019, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows 10 (natively installed)

When Hosting Doesn’t Want To Run

There are at times when in QB, because of configuration malfunction, the hosting service in QuickBooks may not respond to a user command. We’ve found some of the reasons are like the following:

  • The server doesn’t have QuickBooks installed on it.
  • The hosting settings may not be accurately configured.
  • Prohibition of communication between user computers either by the antivirus or the firewall.
  • QuickBooks company files cannot be accessed by the database server.
  • Windows file permissions were not set in a proper way.

What is Multi-User in QuickBooks?

Our fellow users might be curious about what is multi-user in QuickBooks. Multiuser mode means that multiple users can work on a company file all at once, from different workstations. It operates on a shared network environment and needs a host computer to share the company file. You can use multiuser mode in one of two ways: through server-workstation setup or server-only install.

QuickBooks Multi User Mode not working

The error message of QuickBooks multi user mode not working arise because of some internal issues like the ones mentioned here:

  • The server doesn’t have QuickBooks installed.
  • Wrong hosting settings configuration.
  • Firewall or antivirus software is prohibiting the communication between user computers.
  • The database server is unable to open the company file.
  • Windows file permissions are not properly set.

In order to suspend the error, follow the method below:

  • Go to the File menu and hover over Utilities.
  • Select Host Multi-User Access. Then click Yes to confirm.

How many Users can Access QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks software has the multiuser options to access the same company file. This option is available in different versions where participants are also limited depending on the version. This is what multi-user in QuickBooks implies.

We Understand If You Want To Revert To Single-User Mode

To maintain privacy and remain in incognito mode, the host computer might want to revert or go back to single-user mode. You may revert within a minute. Follow these-

  • Head to the QuickBooks File menu
  • Now select Switch to Single-user Mode/Switch to Multi-user Mode.

Basic Question: Which Versions of QuickBooks Lets You Host?

The following QuickBooks versions will let you do hosting-

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier
  • QuickBooks Accountant Desktop
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale


Intuit Hosting Program is a real thing. If you utilize this, you can sync and run your QuickBooks Desktop and store your data files on a service provider’s servers. Again, this will allow you to access QuickBooks data anywhere, anytime securely. Some Intuit-Authorized Hosting Providers’ names are cited underneath:

  • Ace Cloud Hosting
  • Infinitely Virtual
  • Nerds Support Inc.
  • Network Alliance
  • Productive Computing
  • Right Networks
  • Tandem Cloud Top

Support for third-party hosting (in short help)

For any type of query and assistance related to third-party hosting services, you have to contact the initial hosting service provider. How they can help you? They can assist you with hosting setup and installation, troubleshooting hosting issues, and other simpler technical support needs. Secondly, licensing and add-on services.

You as a host computer with a third-party hosting service provider

If you have come this far as a host computer with any of the aforementioned third-party hosting service providers then you should contact Intuit to associate your customer’s license with their product or to add seats or services. This action will lead you safer, secure user interface.

What is the cost of QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks Hosting comes as an additional service and thus they have extensive plans and pricing according to the demand. It is divided into two “Shared” and “Dedicated”. Furthermore, “Starter” has been divided into Starter, Immediate, and Advance, and “Dedicated” has been as “Starter”, “Bronze”, “Gold”, “Diamond” and lastly “Platinum”. The users may have any one of the plans to suit their needs and interface.

Article Summary:

The author in this piece describes the various dynamics of QuickBooks hosting services/facilities and its surrounding subject matters. The same also illustrates the necessity and reasons to obtain such a service on a budget.

Author Signature:

A tech enthusiast who grew up under the mentorship of my professor dad who teaches accounts and finance. I write helpful blogs and articles using my tech skills and accounting knowledge. QuickBooks is my favorite platform to manage my accounts and utilize my tech skills. In my early college days, I use to struggle with different challenges across various accounting software available for the small business markets. Finally, I tried Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions. My search came to an end I was a happy camper now. I feel satisfied sharing best practices with all QuickBooks users out there.

Ruth Mazur