Ideas to style your bedroom like a pro without paying a stylist

Nobody wants to live in a little space. There are times when we have little influence over the size of our bedroom. Though we can choose how to decorate it! The good news is that you can make your little home appear cosy, cool, and as opulent as you can without a king-sized bed with a little creative décor and ingenious storage. The best interior designers know how to organise a little bedroom so that it appears and feels like a much larger retreat at the end of a long day, regardless of its size. You’ll see that size is irrelevant if you use these designers’ advice in advance.

Colour scheme

Your decorating strategy will be heavily reliant on your choice of colours. Instead of choosing colours for your walls and flooring, be sure to coordinate your accessories, like your duvet, fitted sheets, bedding sets, and décor.


Muted hues are always preferable when decorating a room. Overly bright colours can be excessively distracting, which is the last thing you want in a room that’s supposed to be relaxing. Choosing your favourite hue for the bedroom is never wrong. Choosing a colour for your room might be difficult because there are so many options and there is no right or wrong decision.

Curtain Ideas

It is really possible to choose more specific objects, like curtains, once the main theme and colour scheme has been decided. The greatest curtains contribute significantly to the design of the bedroom and are more than just a way to keep the light out.


Your curtains should be designed to match your overall style. Choose lace curtains, for instance, for a traditional appearance. Your window treatments will look more attractive if they are hanging from tabs or eyelets.

Texture it up

A bedroom can feel aesthetically rich and layered by using textural accents. To add a little cosiness, place a sheepskin rug by the bed or a faux fur throw on a side chair. If you prefer a boho luxe aesthetic, bring rattan baskets inside and seek for a creative woven light fixture. On adorned blankets and cushions, you may even smuggle pom poms and tassels into the mix. All of this will add excitement and warmth to your room.


Your nightstand’s design

Keep your nightstand from turning into a rubbish drawer that is essentially on display. Clear items like hand creams and dogeared paperbacks off its surface and regularly empty your glasses. Make a serious effort to style your nightstand if you want to give your room a more opulent feel. Consider hanging something small in the vacant wall space behind the tabletop and adding a nice lamp or plant.

Create unique wall designs.

If you want to decorate the walls of your bedroom, high-pressure decorative laminates are the best option. They allow you to decorate the space in motivating themes and designs without spending a fortune. To provide striking visual effects, the wall behind the bed might be contrasted with the accessories or the other three walls. However, it does not follow that the other walls require less care. They must both be aesthetically pleasing and enticing. For them, choose lighter hues to capture the mood of a bedroom.

Pick the ideal material for your bedding.

Professionals claim that in addition to healthy eating and, of course, exercise, the average individual needs up to eight hours of sleep each night to live a better life.


It’s also important to remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time curled up in your king-size bedding, so it needs to look nice and be easy to clean and maintain.


With king-size bedding, it’s fair to say that you get what you pay for. The feeling is more comfortable the lower the thread count of the bedding is. The type of material utilised determines the aesthetic appeal of the bed linens, for example. The sateen is touchably smooth and shimmery, and the cotton flannel feels wonderful and fresh.


We spend more time in the bedroom than in other areas of the house. Even when we are not sleeping, we are eating breakfast in bed, blogging, reading, or just unwinding and taking in the surroundings.


Decorate your bedroom with Zebaworld’s home furnishing products. We’re sure you will find something that suits perfectly your needs. Our designers are eager to work with you to design the room of your dreams. We can assist you in creating the house you’ve always imagined.


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