How to Use Social Media to Promote your App?

The business of mobile app development is booming and is getting more and more popular day by day. There are more than 4 million applications available on the app store today and the number is constantly increasing. 

As per reports, the number of mobile app downloads globally increased by over 15% in just one year. 

But developing an app is one thing, while promoting is a completely different thing. You can develop a decent app which performs great, however, without proper promotion, it will be ranked nowhere. 

One of the best ways in today’s time to promote your mobile app or to build awareness about it is by using the social platforms. Social media is highly influential and quickly creates buzz. In fact, over 50% of the people discover apps through their family, friends, and colleagues. So, here are some of the social media tactics to boost app downloads and market your app on social media. 

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies 

  • Use Paid Ads on Social Media

Social ads are an amazing way to reach more as well as an interested audience. In fact, sponsored posts on social media drive 49% of mobile app downloads. 

As organic reach is getting even harder, enhancing your visibility via paid ads is important to convert users.

All of the social media platforms offer installation of apps as an advertising option. Thus, you must choose the platforms that are most aligned with your audience. 

The more refined your targeting, the more marketing budget you will get to save as well as the greater your total number of downloads will be. 

  • Use Quora 

A great Q&A platform, Quora is the perfect place to represent yourself as the expert in your niche while gently promoting your app as well.

In Quora, you find a question which is relevant to your niche and the one you are confident about. Then, using your real name or the name associated with your app, you answer the question with depth and value. 

In order to raise awareness about your app, find a way to include your app into the answer. If you provide a lot of value beforehand, name-dropping your own product won’t be taken as objectionable. 

Additionally, if you keep on providing much value to the community, your answers will get more number of upvotes, i.e. will become more visible. 

  • Get Reviews and Ratings 

Promoting your app’s best reviews on social media directly encourages app downloads.

Around 60% of people consider reviews and ratings to be the most essential factor when deciding whether or not to download an app.

As only 40% of mobile users browse for apps in the app store, hosting real reviews enables you to feature valuable social proof. 

If you get to receive a positive review from an app store accomplishment or a beta tester, do share this praise on your social media to enhance visibility.

App review sites such as Product Hunt and YouTube channels such as Daily App Show are also good for acquiring highly visible ratings as well as new users. 

  • Run Interesting Contests

Who doesn’t love participating in an interesting contest? A contest encourages people to try out your app. If you offer free trials or a pass in exchange for the users having to do something, then definitely this is going to be a win-win situation for you. 

Just make sure that your content is simple to enter, make it easy, and offer something fun to your audience. For example, you could run a caption contest on Instagram or Facebook. 

Contests are an amazing way to engage the audience and also remember to ask all the participants to share the post as well!

You could also integrate the contest with your mobile app and promote it through social media. All one needs to really do is download the app and then sign up to participate in the contest. On the other hand, your task is to raise awareness through your social media channels. 

Final Thoughts:

Hope you found the above discussed social media marketing strategies to be beneficial. In case you wish to know more on the same or need a good mobile app development services, then do contact us via email. Our team will reach out to you with the right solution very soon.  

Puneet Singh Raghav