How to take care of Branded Vintage clothes?

If you adore buying secondhand vintage clothing, it’s important to pick up some tips and tricks to look after your investment. Vintage dresses and apparel are vulnerable, and they easily succumb to dust, mites and other damages. How can you preserve them and enjoy for years to come? Keep reading to find out!

Keep Away the Grease
Grease is one of the biggest threats that will ruin your secondhand vintage clothing investments. Even the tiniest amounts of grease can prove disastrous over time. We strongly recommend you to wash your hands every time you touch your vintage apparel. Naturally, it’s best to avoid greasy and oily food while you’re wearing them.

Use Acid-Free Paper
As the most trusted platform for thrift vintage clothing in Dubai, we deal with a lot of vintage items and t-shirts. At Fashionrerun, we’re experts in handling vintage clothing with care, and you want to know one product that we actually swear by? Acid-free paper. That’s right. It’s a popular choice for restoring and preserving your vintage t-shirts, and you simply have to place them neatly across all your shelves and drawers. You can also add it in between your vintage clothes, accessories and layers as an added protective measure.

Clear out the Dust
Dust is the second biggest threat to your vintage clothes fashion. It is imperative to make sure that your vintage garments are dust-free and squeaky clean before hanging them in the wardrobe. It’s best to dry clean luxury items, but you can wash some mid-range dresses with lukewarm water and mild detergents.

As a reliable online ship for ukay ukay clothes for men, women and kids, we always encourage our customers to look after their clothes and investments. You can also invest in archival, acid-free boxes to make sure no harm comes to your high-end luxury design vintage pieces.

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