How to protect your Pokemon GO account

If they have tried to steal your account, it means that they have managed to access your email. Thus, recovering the account is really difficult. We tell you how to protect your account to avoid all these problems.

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How to protect your Pokémon GO account

If you have had a security flaw in your account, you have to take into account that it is probably due to using third-party applications and cheating. As long as the tricks exist, the cheats will exist.

Although many believe that using these applications is safe, Niantic has done quite a few banns on this issue. We recommend that you avoid this type of application if you do not want someone to get your data easily.

On the other hand, protecting your account with a powerful password is really important. Also, if you share the password in several accounts, hackers will have it easier. We recommend that you try to change it to one with greater protection.

We also recommend that you do not trust the Coaches Club. If you connect through your Google account, you can have two-step authentication, a great way to prevent hackers from having easy access to your account.