How To Organise A Successful Hens Party

Planning a hens party can be stressful, particularly if you haven’t planned one before. From budgeting to preparing the guest list and thinking about unique hens’ party games, there are countless issues involved in throwing a successful party. If you’re a first-time maid of honour and need help to plan the perfect hen do:

1. Speak To The Bride:

Before you plan, please speak to the bride to understand what she’s expecting. Unless you are very close to the bride, it’s best not to throw a surprise, lest it adds to her stress. For one, does she want a hen? And if the bride’s open to the idea, does she want a typical weekend-long party or prefers a low-key fun night with a close group of friends.

You’ll also need her opinion on the guest list, i.e., does she prefer a super intimate hen party with just the bridesmaids and best friends, or is she looking to include her parents and in-laws as well.

2. Budgeting:

This is where problems arise, especially when the host isn’t mindful of everyone’s budget. It’s best to discuss this early on so that everyone knows what they’re going to pay and has the option of backing out if they cannot afford it. Guests must understand what they’re paying for, so make sure you break the budget down to the last penny.

If it seems expensive, consider opt-out elements like spa treatments, scuba diving activities, etc. Perhaps some guests can arrive at the event to avoid paying for the hotel stay.

3. Decide On The Time:

Hens parties are usually held a month or two before the wedding to give the bride a break when she’s in the thick of things. Invitations must be sent three months ahead, especially if you’re planning to travel abroad or planning a long journey. Send an RSVP along with the invite to confirm travel and accommodation bookings. Send a message to the group 15-20 days before the event to remind everyone about the itinerary and get everyone excited for the party.

4. Games, Food, And Decorations:

Food is definitely at the heart of every successful hens party. Whether you’re planning on a phallic-themed menu or prefer elegant finger sandwiches depends on the bride. But speak to the guests as well to check for allergies. You could choose a menu that goes with the party theme or pick a cuisine that’s everyone agrees with.

Choose hen-themed party tableware and accessories to make your party special. You can be as cheeky or classy as the bride wishes – gauge her mood and decide accordingly. There are plenty of online stores that sell hens party games and supplies at an affordable price. Read reviews about the website to make sure they deliver on time and offer good customer service.

It’s good to be organised and obsessive-compulsive during the planning, but when it’s time to party, remember to relax and let your hair down!

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