How to Make Your Gift Boxes Prettier? Exploring Cool Embellishments

Let’s face it; we all give gifts to dear ones at some point in life, if not on their birthdays or on occasion. Gift-giving has been a customary thing for centuries.

But, it’s also a truth we want our presents to feel special or super special depending on who we’re presenting them to. Sure, you can get a nice gift packaging box, but here you’ll discover how to make simple embellishments that will quadruple the fascinating look of your gift packaging.

Gifting for promotional purposes? No problem! You can even make these decorative embellishments in advance so your stock is full when you need to wrap gifts for employees and clients.

Let’s see how:

Gold and Pinecones

Take the wrapped gift packaging box, and glue mini pinecones, artificial green leaves, and gold leaves onto it. (For use as leaves, you can take petals from a gold poinsettia!). You can easily collect pinecones from outside or may use something else as well in place of it. It can be from miniature monuments to little birds from an arts & craft store.

Red & White Candy Canes

For doing this, cut scallops around a plain sheet of paper, then glue this scalloped paper right on top of the gift box wrapped in a red-colored wrapping sheet. Then simply glue candy canes on top. If you like, tie up these candy canes with ribbons before you glue them to the gift box. Forgiving a finishing touch, you can hand-write anything special you want on the paper. It can also be a “To:” and “From:” on the paper.

The Curly Twine

People love to use twine because it can get so many things done. Moreover, a twine is earthy, has a rustic texture that never fails to complement wrapping papers in a neutral color. But you can also use twine’s color as a stark combination to the color of a really bold package. Bold colors like teal, fuchsia, or silver look great when wrapped with twine. You can wrap gifts with twine straight from the spool. The other way around is to separate the strands to get some wavy texture.

Soft Tissue Bow

A white “bow” can simply be an enlarged version of a soft fluffy tissue paper flower. To craft a bow of the right size for your gift packaging, cut strips of the tissue that are 1 inch shorter than the full width of the box. Length is not a big issue since you’re folding it. While doing so, make the following changes: After you’ve folded the paper like an accordion, the next step is to round off the ends. Use a pipe cleaner to tie the bow. Do so by forming a loop with the pipe cleaner. Then put a piece of tape through the loop made with the pipe cleaner, and stick it onto your present box.

Colorful Yarn Pompoms

Do it by wrapping yarn around the gift package a few times and then tie off the ends. Make a few more yarn pom-poms without trimming the ends for a perfectly imperfect look. Use the longest piece of yarn on the pompom to tie onto the yarn on the gift package afterward.

Paper-made Stars

You can even use odd-shaped pieces of leftovers from wrapping paper. Use the leftovers to make stars, instead of scrapping them.

Something as simplistic as paper stars have the potential to make gift packaging worth noticing and lovely to unwrap.

Select Personalized Printing

Printing features have always proven to be useful in a variety of situations. The advancement of technology has further transformed the industry, and you can now get assistance from modern-day printing features for a variety of tasks. In terms of gift items, you can experiment with personalized printing for your loved ones and friends. It could be as simple as printing the person’s name along with a lovely wish for him in a bold and colorful text. You can also use personalized images, which will leave a lasting impression on the person receiving them. It could be your friend’s favorite cartoon or movie character, or anything else that he is interested in. These characteristics will help in grabbing the attention of the people straight away, and your gifts will be able to stand tall in the market.

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