How to Improve Your Workplace Communication?

How do you get your point across at work? You’re in the middle of an important project and you need your boss to see how much value you can add to the organization, but it just doesn’t seem like he understands. Maybe you haven’t been as clear as you could be about the project, or maybe your boss has an aversion to using email or online chat. Whatever the issue, take these steps to improve your workplace communication and get more done at work!

Create a chat bot

If you don’t have a messaging platform, develop one. Chat bots are very easy to build using bot-creation platforms like and Microsoft’s Bot Framework, which will help you better understand workplace communication styles while helping your team engage with customers more effectively. As AI improves, we will see even more exciting use cases for chat bots in communication and productivity across teams.

Understand office communication styles

Personality tests and surveys can help you understand how your coworkers approach communication. You may notice that some use email more frequently than chat, while others are straight-talkers who prefer face-to-face conversations. By better understanding your office’s communication styles, you can improve internal workplace communication by accommodating different methods of collaboration. To master workplace communication, consider using tools like chat APIs that facilitate team collaboration and real-time messages for instant feedback.

Accept your personal style

There are countless workplace communication styles, but we each carry one of four basic traits that appear again and again. Accepting and adapting your own style is more effective than trying to change it because people will sense when you’re trying too hard. If you don’t know what your dominant trait is, ask a colleague, it can help build stronger relationships with them (and understanding of others).

Establish group norms and expectations

Establishing group norms and expectations is an easy way to improve workplace communication. As one of our favorite chat API providers points out, setting clear guidelines can help you understand how your coworkers prefer to communicate which will help you get your message across without having to waste time or energy guessing.

Monitor current communications systems

Chat systems, like Troop Messenger, Slack or HipChat, are an excellent way for coworkers to talk and collaborate with each other. Most teams don’t realize that these platforms are also a goldmine of data about team behavior and can be used to improve workplace communication. It’s important when using these types of programs to understand how your team is communicating (i.e., their workplace communication style) in order make it work for you and your group best.

Review existing systems

Before building a new chat or messaging app, start by checking your existing systems and how they work. If you’re already using Troop Messenger, Slack or HipChat, think about how far along those solutions have come. There’s a good chance they can do pretty much what you need them to do at a lower cost than building something new and with less hassle, too.

Provide training options for newcomers

Making sure employees are on-boarded correctly is a cornerstone of company culture, and new hires tend to be most receptive when onboarding is informal and one-on-one. Provide training that can be customized for your specific needs your options here range from chat APIs like Slack to email templates and more.

Use APIs as appropriate

Today’s enterprises have vast amounts of data, and many of these companies are moving beyond simply storing that data and are beginning to use it in new ways. APIs (application programming interfaces) give them a way to share their information with others via an organized software layer. Instead of building an API themselves, they can look for existing ones or choose from many available off-the-shelf options such as those offered by Facebook and Twitter.


Not every thought, idea or piece of communication needs to be verbal. By engaging in a range of different methods of communication you can increase understanding and efficiency without stepping on toes or causing offense. The bottom line is it is important that we all improve our workplace communication, since it doesn’t matter how brilliant your ideas are if they aren’t shared with those who need them most. Good luck with your next project!

Md. Asloob Alam