How to create a unique logo for your YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the best known and most used social media. You can not only learn, recreation, but you can earn money as a YouTube content producer on this platform.

But reaching those initial followers is a challenge if we do not provide the channel with adequate attention and work. In addition to the creativity, originality, and quality of content that we have to add, our covers’ design must be interesting and striking.

For that, it is essential, among other things, to have an original logo that helps us to distinguish ourselves from the rest. In this post, you will get ideas on how to do one like a professional.

What are the dimensions indicated for the logo of the YouTube channel?

Although videos are the main thing in this social network, images play an important role, especially to channel their identity. Within it, we can find banners, video thumbnails, cover and profile photo. The latter is of vital consideration, as it will appear on all playback interfaces, regardless of whether the user has entered your channel or is a foreign viewer. It is also one of the most used ways to enter a user’s profile.

In the particular case of this image, the proportions will be more important than the size. The minimum recommended dimensions for this element is 800 x 800 pixels. It may be of higher quality. However, YouTube will render it at a smaller size. The length and width of the picture always be the same. They are showing a square appearance. However, it will be surrounded by a circular frame in practice, which is shown on the channel and under each video playback.

Here are tools found on various devices. Look no further to learn step by step how to create an exclusive logo for your YouTube channel.

Toolkit: How to make logos with graphics software

Although companies hire professional designers’ services, if we are starting, you can do it with one of these methods:

Just design your logo on the browsers.

This design option would be convenient for you. You do not require to download any program on your phone or computer. You just need to open your preset browser and access the website to try the service and make logos in minutes. The only requirement would be the internet. And for making online, you can design your logo with DesignEvo.

To design logos online with DesignEvo is very easy. You can first go to the DesignEvo homepage. This platform has more than 10,000 well-prepared templates to use. So you get started with choosing your wanted template and then to customize. You can personalize your logo by changing the icon, color, font, background to make special.

From the mobile apps

For creating a logo from the comfort of your mobile, the best option is the Canva app. You can find it from the Android PlayStore or the Apple store.

The steps for this are as follows:

Register or log in to the platform. It is possible to link Facebook or Google.

Type in the search bar “YouTube icon.” A series of recommendations and a Blank canvas are available.

We will use the latter. Click on the blank canvas and then you will see three buttons below.

In the Gallery, you can take pictures and find files that are stored on your phone.

The Image tab works like a search engine in the online library of the application.

As for the Color button, it is possible to choose them from the palette or write a specific color code. You can press the “+” sign to add more elements.

When you finish, press the “Check” button that appears in the upper corner. Choose how to save it on your device. We recommend “Save as Image.

From the computer

If you want to get a more elaborate design and work with more powerful tools for greater customization, it is best to do it from the computer and use Adobe Photoshop software. However, such a program would need to take time on how to make it work for you. Also, you would need to subscribe in some cases. But if you have design skills and using experience, it is the right choice for you.

Fong Rita